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libqtpod-0.4.2 released

A new version of libqtpod has just been released. This version fixes compatibility issues with iPod Nanos and blocks writing iTunesDB files not compatible with this version.
This is important for the latest iPod Models since these wont work with files written by this version of the library.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2007-12-18

ipodslave-0.8-pre2 released

A new version of the ipodslave has been released utilizing the enhancements and new features of the latest libqtpod release (0.4.1).

Posted by Michael Schulze 2007-12-12

libqtpod-0.4.1 released

A new version of libqtpod has been released, mainly fixing bugs and problems found in the 0.4.0 relase.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2007-12-12

libqtpod-0.4.0 released

libqtpod-0.4.0 has just been released. Most important change is that it builds and runs with Qt3 and Qt4 for Linux and Win32.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2007-11-28

libqtpod-0.3 about to be ready

The first release candidate for libqtpod-0.3 has just been released. Besides lots of code and design fixes and cleanups this version features full smart playlist support.
Furthermore the license will change a bit - the final 0.3 version will be released under the LPGL.
A full list of changes can be found in the release notes for this version.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2006-07-08

ipodslave-0.7.3 released

Changes for version 0.7.3
* ignore ItunesDB elements we can't handle yet
* fixed bug where itunesdb didn't get written when slave was
compiled with gcc4

Posted by Michael Schulze 2006-05-01

libqtpod-0.2 released

A new version of libqtpod has just been released.

Changes for this version include:
* streamlined MHOD handling
* lots of fixes
* set playlist sort order implemented: setting the sort order criteria
automatically sorts the playlist
* using boost::shared_ptr for managing pointer lifetime
* TrackPtrList is now sortable by a given user defined comparator or by one of
the predefined ones (see track.h - itunesdb::TrackComparators)
* non destructive handling of yet not supported MHOD fields
* writing MHOD52 for the master playlist implemented
this speeds up operation of the browse menu and also results in smaller gaps
between songs
* implemented common search criterias as predicates to look up tracks in
track.h - itunesdb::TrackPredicates
* design fixes in ItunesDBListener and ItunesDBDataSource
* pointer ownage for parsing related data objects changed which makes it more
easy to override Track and Playlist
* lots of other small design changes

Posted by Michael Schulze 2006-04-30

first release of libqtpod

The STONESOUP release of libqtpod has just been released. It provides access to the various data of an Apple iPod.

Features so far are:
* Reading/Writing the iTunesDB Music database
* access to hardware specific information like disc space statistics

Posted by Michael Schulze 2006-03-04

ipodslave-0.7.2 has been released

Version 0.7.1 of the ipod KIO slave has been released.

This is a bugfix release - changes include
* make sure everything gets written to the ipod's harddrive when synchronizing the database and before ejecting the ipod.
This should prevent filesystem corruption when ejecting the ipod right after using the synchronize utility.
* sort playlists by title when saving the database to the iPod
* fixed a bug where playlists didn't get read in correctly

Posted by Michael Schulze 2006-01-13

ipodslave-0.7.1 released

Version 0.7.1 of the ipod KIO slave has been released. Changes include
* implemented creating/renaming artist and album
* artists and playlist titles are case sensitive now
* moving tracks between ipods fixed
* check for known filetypes (.mp*) when adding files to the iPod

Posted by Michael Schulze 2005-12-11

ipodslave-0.7 released

ipodslave version 0.7 has been released. This version brings lotsa new features - have a look at the release notes for details and a changelog.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2005-12-04

ipodslave-0.5.1 released

Version 0.5.1 has been released fixing a bug where the artist/album folder icon didn't get changed when a track was deleted.
You can find it in the "Files" section

have fun

Posted by Michael Schulze 2004-07-05

ipodslave 0.5 released

IpodSlave 0.5 has just been released.
You can now copy / remove songs to/from the iPod.
For more information about 0.5 see the Changelog/Releasenotes.

have fun

Posted by Michael Schulze 2004-07-04

ipodslave-0.4 released

ipodslave-0.4 has just been released. Have a look at the Releasenotes/Changelog in the file section

Posted by Michael Schulze 2004-06-05