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KORA 2.2.0 Final Release for KORA 2.x


I am the new maintainer for KORA. The old maintainer recently left our center for a new gig at Microsoft. We wish him the best and thank him for all of our progress to date.

I have been briefed in the SourceForge management world and have just formally released a new version of KORA 2. This will hopefully be the final release of the version 2 development cycle. We have nearly completed our target roadmap for KORA 3 and are in the final planning stages and about to begin programming.... read more

Posted by sucko 2012-02-28

New KORA release soon

A new KORA release with a large number of updates, bug fixes, and new features is coming soon - in the next week or two. Final updates are being made and documentation is being updated. Anyone using the SVN version should make sure they update to the latest version as there are a lot of bug fixes that have occurred. As always, the changelog will contain all the update information when released.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2010-10-08

KORA-2.0.0 Released

The production version of KORA 2.0.0 has been released - the full information is in the release notes, but there were some bugs that were fixed from 2.0.0-beta to this version, so update as soon as possible.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2010-03-11

KORA-2.0.0-beta Released

KORA 2.0.0-beta has been released. Please see the release notes, changelog, and previous news postings for more information.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2010-01-18

Planned Release of KORA-2.0.0-beta

KORA-2.0.0-beta will be released in the following days. The release contains substantial changes in the underlying code base that improve performance, increase ease of use, as well as new features. More details will be available when the release is made.

This will be a beta release and a production release following shortly after. There will be no major changes in features, only bug fixes (if any are reported). There should be minimal upgrade procedures from the beta to the production version and any information regarding that will be released with the production version.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2010-01-14

KORA-1.1.1 Released

KORA-1.1.1 has been released. This is a bug fix release addressing many issues. The Dublin Core metadata refresh bug has been fixed in this release. Please see the release notes and change log for more details.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2009-06-23

KORA-1.1.0 Release

The KORA Content Management System has released its 1.1.0 update. This update adds several new features including a new API to retrieve information from the system as well as new features and bug fixes for existing data controls. For a complete listing of new features and fixed bugs, see the release notes.

Posted by Brian Beck 2009-04-09

KORA-1.0.1 Released

KORA 1.0.1 has been released. This release fixes a bug preventing users from editing options for controls. Please see the release notes for more information.

Posted by Brian Beck 2009-01-14

KORA-1.0.0 Released

KORA 1.0.0 has been released for download along with updated documentation. Please see the release notes and user documentation for more information.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2009-01-08

KORA-1.0.0-Beta release planned

After nearly a year of planning,coding, and testing, KORA will be releasing a beta version of 1.0.0 with a stable version soon to follow. KORA-1.0.0 will be available in the next week, with an announcement when it is available.

Posted by Matt Geimer 2008-10-23

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