Kopete appears empty!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I finish the install of the rpm package and then run Kopete, all toolbars, menus and all pluging menus are empty. In addition, I must install kopete as root, but in a user account I get the following error: "QFile::open: No file name especified"

        why, why, why, why, why, why, why???????????????

    • Raghu GS

      Raghu GS - 2003-11-13

      i am unofficial maintainer of kopete rpm. during rpm build i made a mistake when specifying kde location, so it will install and start fine (that is why i could not found that problem,) but unusable.
      i fixed it and sent the rpm to Matt Rogers, because i don't yet have ftp access so he is uploading my rpms,
      i sent him the rpm many days ago, but Matt Rogers is busy that is why delay,
      my new rpm name is kopete-0.7.3-2.i386.rpm.
      i am very sorry, please apologize me,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      wow ...
      i fallen in the same trouble, i wish i read this before!

    • Raghu GS

      Raghu GS - 2003-11-14

      for your convenience, i uploaded updated kopete package to own location, you can get updated kopete 0.73 rpm here http://www.iestindia.com/kopete-0.7.3-2.i386.rpm

      P S: i don't have compatible modem to test kopete lively but this time it will surly work, please test it in fedora core too
      and give feedback

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the download link Raghu!!!
      It works perfectly now! :)

    • emilsedgh

      emilsedgh - 2005-03-12

      Im trying to download the file but host not found... :(
      every doors are closed to me :(


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