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  • John Errington

    John Errington - 2008-01-21

    Running kompozer under win XP.  I have an html page with links to external stylesheets and javascripts. Kompozer works fine initially but if I make changes to internal styles reverts to an early copy of an external stylesheet.  I keep thinking I've made a catastrophic error but when I look at the page with a browser its fine.  Has anyone else found this?

    • BMDMAN

      BMDMAN - 2008-02-05


      Yes that blew my mind too, I found that if I closed the Tab, and then reopened it, the correct (most recent) CSS would reappear. I did find that doing a 'Save As' reverted the CSS sheet to the earlier version and then SAVED IT!! So all my painstaking work was lost....

      I read somewhere that saving either side of any CSS editor use was the best method, which I do now (and keep a Notepad copy regularly updated...) but the save as really caught me. I think the CSS editor is far from stable....

      But...its a great program so I'll stay with it.....

    • Walt99

      Walt99 - 2013-04-27

      I find that a workaround is:

      1. Edit the CSS file using Komposer in the normal Design mode.
        Close CSS. Notice that the Save button is greyed out.
      2. Temporarily delete any text character on the design page and then type it back in.
      3. Notice that the Save button is now illuminated.
      4. Save as usual
      Last edit: Walt99 2013-04-27

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