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Kobold Engine v4.3-beta released.

This is a beta release.
">>" notation (<blockquote> tag) extend its feature including major directive declaration as below;
">|" notation (<pre> tag) introduced. It turns off line and space directives.
"^" notation (<dl> tag) introduced as below;
^definition term^explanation
Effect of "!highlight.replace" changed as not to affect order of bundles of highlight basket.

Posted by lethevert 2005-07-05

Kobold Engine v4.2-beta released.

This is a beta release.
Highlight feature is changed significantly and old script will not work.
'=dictionary.highlight.switch' and '=dictionary.highlight.0' etc. are abolished.
'=dictionary.highlight.default' and '' and 'prepare' basket are introduced.
See 'dev-samples/v4.x' directory for further information.

Posted by lethevert 2005-06-22

Cobalt Web Builder v4.4-beta released.

This is a beta release.
Multi magazine execution feature is introduced.
Shortcut keys are implemented.
When creating new magazine, default article file name and default destination file name is filled automatically.

Posted by lethevert 2005-06-19

Kobold Engine v4.1-alpha released.

This is an alpha release.
Basket feature is refined.
Hatena Tagging Plug-in is improved.
'*' notation (heading tag) is introduced.
'[' notation (div tag) is introduced.
'>>' notation (blockquote tag) is modified.
'[xxx]' notation (anchor) is modified.

Posted by lethevert 2005-06-11

Cobalt Web Builder v4.3 and Engine v4.0 is released.

These releases are below;
Cobalt Web Builder v4.3-alpha
Kobold Engine v4.0-alpha
Template v1.2
These should be used together.

Posted by lethevert 2005-05-08

Cobalt Web Builder v4.2-alpha is released.

This is an alpha release.
Skelton feature is implemented in this release.

Posted by lethevert 2005-04-29

Cobalt Web Builder v4.1-alpha released.

This is an alpha version but you can use it as an alternative of version 3.x. It includes all features that version 3.x has.

Posted by lethevert 2005-04-17

Cobalt Web Builder v4.0 is a totally alpha version software.

Use it carefully on your own choice.

Posted by lethevert 2005-04-05

Cobalt Web Builder v3.4 and All-In-One Package are released.

Cobalt Web Builder v3.4 is a stable release.
Cobalt Web Builder All-In-One Package is including Cobalt Web Builder (GUI) and Kobold Engine and Document.

Posted by lethevert 2005-03-06

Kobold Engine v3.3 and Kobold Document v1.0 are released.

Kobold Engine v3.3 is a stable version.
Kobold Document v1.0 is an initial release. The document can be read at

Posted by lethevert 2005-03-06

Cobalt Web Builder 3.3 &amp; Kobold Engine 3.2 released.

Some minor bugs are fixed.
Some functions are added, but some of them are experimental codes.
Documentation is written down one by one. see below; (japanese)

Posted by lethevert 2004-12-05

Kobold Engine 3.1 Released

This is a beta release. Almost all functions are implemented, but it was not tested enough. You should use it carefully.
This release contains some documents under doc folder. These are samples of using Kobold Engine, but it is only in japanese. If you don't take acount of garbled text, you can use them as a sample of usage.

Posted by lethevert 2004-11-21

Cobalt Web Builder 3.2 &amp; Kobold Engine 3.0 released.

Cobalt Web Builder 3.2 is a full-implemented release.
Kobold Engine 3.0 is an alpha release.
Users must dl both package, and install Cobalt Web Builder first and Kobold Engine next.

Posted by lethevert 2004-11-14

Cobalt Web Builder 3.1 Released

This release is an alpha release.
It contains many new functions and if you want to check these new functions you may download and try it.

Posted by lethevert 2004-11-06

Cobalt Web Builder v3.0.0 Released

This is a first international version of Cobalt Web Builder.
This version supports "en_US" and "ja_JP".

Posted by lethevert 2004-10-31