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If you want help with the scripts please email me instead of posting to the message board. You will get a *much* faster reply since I check the messageboards hardly ever.

Posted by Mark Murawski 2004-01-06

repeating quotes fixed

Sorry guys it took so long as I have many many many other things to work on besids my ageing eggdrop scripts. But at last the repeating quotes problem has been fixed.

Posted by Mark Murawski 2003-03-23

Development Slowdown

Welp, Kobaz is officially now going for a Computer Science degree at SUNY Morrisville. Thereforce, going from having 100% free time, to having 10% free time, development will pretty much grind to a halt. Considering my internet connection here is slower then a 56k, that won't help me much either.

Posted by Mark Murawski 2001-09-01


Fixed bugs in learn, new version. 2.1.6-1

Posted by Mark Murawski 2001-04-20