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Knotwork certified by Softpedia

Knotwork software has been certified "100% Free" by Softpedia. The good point is that this should improve Knotwork visibility. You can check it at:


Posted by David 2009-08-02

Knotwork 0.5.1 released


Knotwork version 0.5.1 has been released.

This is a clean-up and bug-fix release. Amoung new features:
version 0.5.1 (2008-05-10, svn commit 29)

New features:
- added a tree view of the Knotwork
- added some icons for the menu
- Knotwork style dialog have been updated
- The placement of anchors have been updated
- The width of the knotwork can be modified
- Fixed problem of edge selection when using snap grid
- uses library javaGeom-0.6.0... read more

Posted by David 2008-05-10

Knotwork 0.5 released

New version of Knotwork.

This is mainly a clean-up version. All necessary files are included in the zip. It can be run directly after unzip.

command line is:
java -cp Knotwork.jar;geom2d.jar gui.Knotwork


Posted by David 2007-01-23

Knotwork v0.4 released

First release of Knotwork application on Sourceforge.
Codesource was already available on the internet before, and the code is not that new, but it is hoped that putting it on sourceforge will improve frequency of updates...

please test, enjoy, and advice.

Posted by David 2006-12-14