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Version 0.92 released

Fixes filter being added to CHX as "Deny" type (!)

Posted by Phil Reeve 2006-10-25

Version 0.9 Released

Both the client and server now have nice GUIs and store their respective settings in files.

The server has been updated to work with the new CHX-I Packet Filter v3.0.

Posted by Phil Reeve 2006-10-24

Join the mailing list for updates

Development is underway on this and I've set up a mailing list to inform people of when new releases occur.

First new functionality will be configurabe knock sequences, followed shortly by GUI's for the client and server. :-)

Posted by Phil Reeve 2006-04-09

Version 0.1 released!

Version 0.1 successfully implements a Port Knocking scenario, tested both locally and from Spain->UK.

Personally I run a graphical remote control application on the secured port, but of course you can have anything you want running there.

Now I just have to get some people to help with the development...

Currently the programs run on command line, I'd like to get GUI's going for both, so I need people with GUI experience with Visual C++ and GUI (Swing?) experience with Java.

Posted by Phil Reeve 2006-03-29