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Tools: GTA++ 1.2 released

- support for "method bodies" added
- major performance improvements
- filters can be stored for later reuse
- improved C# support
- re-design of trace parser configuration

Posted by Sebastian 2007-05-02

Tools: GTA++ 1.1 released

- GTA++ now also available for linux
- tool for simple performance analysis added
- usibility improved
- documentation improved

Posted by Sebastian 2007-04-11

Tools: Trace2Graph 1.0 released

- this is a bugfix release only
- trace2graph has been proven to be stable and therefore major version number has been changed

Posted by Sebastian 2007-04-11

Tools: GTA++ 1.0 released

- applies some bug fixes
- enhances error handling
- enhances usability

see release notes

Posted by Sebastian 2007-03-18

Tools: GTA++ 1.0 RC1 released

The Graphical Trace Analyser (GTA++) is a tool which can help analysing trace files.

- parses trace files and shows enter-leave-method traces in a table
- allows to navigate the so created call flow
- allows to hide unwanted traces
- supports searching the trace
- supports marking interesting traces
- shows a call stack for the selected event
- supports ctags tag databases to "jump-to-source" from a trace line
- currently only runs on Microsoft Windows (2000/XP)

Posted by Sebastian 2007-03-12

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.8 released

- applies two small bugfixes

Posted by Sebastian 2007-03-06

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.7 released

- support for printing added (see README)
- support for more compact layout (for printing) added

Posted by Sebastian 2007-03-04

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.6 released

- basic support for "markers" added
- begin and end of a call stack path are now "marked"

Posted by Sebastian 2006-11-03

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.5 released

- masks can be applied to mark interesting nodes and events
- manipulators can be applied to modify the graph
- CallStackMask: takes a method and marks the call stack of it

Posted by Sebastian 2006-11-01

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.4 released

basically internal refactoring to prepare features of the next release

Posted by Sebastian 2006-10-30

Tools: Trace2Graph 0.3 released

Trace2Graph generates sequence charts from trace files to simplify analysis of call flows.

Posted by Sebastian 2006-10-29

First projects set up for software quality measurings

I set up Ruby and Fluxbox to be measured for software quality on source code level. The first two available metrics are: a report of compiler warnings and a report of doxygen warnings.

Posted by Sebastian 2006-10-02

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