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20010703 snapshot available

A new snapshot of the KGI sources is available.
Main features are updates to the PhoeniX server
to include XAA, OpenGL and GLX cores as well as
enhancements to the Permedia drivers.
Feel free to visit for more information.

Posted by Steffen Seeger 2001-07-03

new snapshot available

Hello all,

a new snapshot (20001011) is available. The main
new features:
- /dev/event mapper implemented
- semiworking PhoeniX X server (alpha state!)
- improvements on Display DDK documentation.

Have fun,


Posted by Steffen Seeger 2000-10-11

alpha port started

Thanks to Andreas Beck we can now start on a
port of the KGI architecture to Linux/Alpha.

Posted by Steffen Seeger 2000-10-06 domains registered

The KGI project can now be reached also via the top-level domains.
So far the web-pages can be reached under the following URL:

Posted by Steffen Seeger 2000-10-06

kgi-0.9-20000418 snapshot

A new snapshot has been released. From this release on, interim development is done via CVS
using the CVS repository at SourceForge.
Check the project homepage for details.

Posted by Steffen Seeger 2000-04-18