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KGE 0.0.8 Released

Kochol Game Engine 0.0.8 Released.
In this version you have to use InitParameters structure to initialize the KGE and set your parameters in this structure.
A tutorial wrote for initializing the engine. We recommend to use this tutorial to start your own project.
Some documents fixed and this version is more developer friendly
You can download it from here
Changes in this version:
- Add InitParameters structure
- Fix comments in kge namespace headers
- Add Tutorial 01
- Rename kge::core::Timer->GetSeconds() to GetTimeElapsed
- Fix a bug in adding lights after adding the meshes
- Fix a bug in shadow map with ATI cards

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2013-03-09

KGE 0.0.7 released

Kochol Game Engine 0.0.7 released.
It has more than 1.5 MB of source code now. I ported the source code of engine to git repository on sourceforge.net because the git can let me to release stable versions more quickly by using the amazing branching system of git the master branch always has the stable version.
The new Material Manger and Material system of KGE now generate shader code on the fly for different effects that user request. The material system has two rendering path for both forward and deferred rendering. I’m really satisfied with rendering speed and quality.
The effect manager now works better for rendering shadow maps and post process effects like post bloom. An advanced particle system implemented in KGE.
PhysX also implemeted in engine but we don’t tested it yet. Maybe this part of engine have to be rewritten.
The tiled terrain scene node of engine is very amazing for blending many textures on it and render the terrain in only one pass. You can blend textures with per pixel blending up to 64 textures.
Many bugs fixed and many minor features added to this version.
You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kge/files/KGE/KGE%200.0.7/kge007.zip/download
A game with this engine is released in Iran called Siavosh see its website at http://sourenagames.com/

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2013-03-09

KGE 0.0.6 released

KGE 0.0.6 released
We add some new features to engine like tile terrain, physics, particle systems, shadow maps, ...
This version has more than 1180 KB of source code.
Unfortunately the OpenGL renderer is not updated in this version and dose not work at all but we plan to fix this soon.
We wrote some tutorials and add an API document for this version but the engine still have lack of documents.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2011-02-22


Now KGE has an official website

And also there is a facebook page about KGE

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2010-06-01

Kochol Game 0.1 released

Kochol Game is a little game demo that is written with Kochol Game Engine(KGE) and ODE for physics.
I used KGE svn reversion 149 and ode 0.8 to write this demo.
I hope you enjoy this.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2008-11-14

KGE released

This is an urgent release and has not documentation and samples.
Features added to this release:
1. Shaders added in assembly, HLSL and GLSL languages.
2. Memory management improves.
3. 3D sound added with openal
4. Hardware skinning added but it needs some improvment.
5. OpenGL renderer is now complete
and so many bug fixes and improvment

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2008-02-06

Web Site changed

Hi all
The new KGE website is:

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2007-08-12

KGE 0.0.5 released

The features added to this release:
1. Planar shadow
2. Mirror
3. Font

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2007-07-24

KGE 0.0.4 Released.

KGE 0.0.4 released.
It has 225 kb source code, 59 files and more than 8900 lines of code.
Tasks done in this release.
Lighting added.
Blending is suppurted for ms3d meshes.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2007-03-11

KGE 0.0.3 released

KGE 0.0.3 released and now is available at download section.
KGE 0.0.3 has 167 KB of source code , 47 files and over than 6500 lines of code.
Features added to KGE 0.0.3:
1. Supports both DirectX and Opengl APIs for rendering
2. Platform independent design.
3. Camera node supports both first person and third person cameras with an easy to use interface.
4. Using DevIL for loading textrues so KGE can loads many types of images as textures.
5. Can load MS3D(MilkShape3D) meshes and animations.
6. Texture Manager.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2006-10-23

Ninja Animation Demo

Hello All.
I recently added MS3D skeletal animation to KGE you can download demo from example package.
See readme.txt from file.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2006-10-21

KGE 0.0.2 beta released

Hello all
I just released this so you can render with our game engine.
To see some examples download example pakage.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2006-06-27

KGE mathlibrary released for 0.0.2 version

Hello everyone.
Our basic math library released for KGE 0.0.2 it support SSE for faster calcutes.
KGEAabb = Axis aligned bounding box class
KGEObb = Oriented bounding box class
KGEPolygon = for scene managment
KGEQuat =Quaternion class

You can download it from KGE package.
Good luck.

Posted by Ali Akbar Mohammadi 2006-05-20

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