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Console 1.4.1 is available

Console 1.4.1 is now available in the File Release section. I merged the consolelib.tcl file into console.tcl and added extra language support for the menus. No real changes in functionality, so if you already have 1.4.0, and have no need for French, Spanish, etc. menus, there shouldn't be any urgency to upgrade.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-06-02

Better late than never

TiK-0.90-Pre98-2 has been available for download since May 1st, just incase you didn't notice. Also made some minor tweaks to the web site, most of which shouldn't be noticable. Hopefully more updates to come in the near future.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-05-20

TiK 0.90-Pre97 - Berkelium

Check the usual download area to test it out.

Change log:
- package namespaces should go away now when they're unloaded.
- capture files are configured for utf-8
- removed "send file" option since it's broken and there's no fix forcasted
- ver_check shouldn't error out now if you don't have your HTTPProxy setup properly

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-04-04

TiK 0.90-Pre93 is available

The version check was re-written to be a component instead of integrated so that it could take advantage of HTTPProxy. Now proxy users shouldn't experience a hang or crash while starting TiK.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-03-11

TiK 0.90-Pre90 is out

We're getting closer and closer to the next official release. In the meantime you can check out the latest CVS code (which is highly stable) from the TiK section. Changes in this latest release include:

- Entry for changing the buddylist bground color, (the default is now a very bright white)
- Version notification
- and a few others I can't remember. Just check it out.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-02-10

TiK 0.90-Pre84 and Site Changes

Mengmeng fixed a problem with TiK reporting idle times when told not to. You can pick it up from the TiK section.
I'm revamping some of the internals of the TiK section right now, so if you have any problems, wait a minute or two and try again. The Old-CVS section should work now. SourceForge doesn't display directories so I had to play with the index.php file to get something usable.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-31

TiK 0.90-Pre83 is available

. . . and has been for a couple days. (I knew I forgot to do something.) This was a minor fix with the popup text and a few other places that were affected by a trailing tab at the end of buddy names. Nothing critical, and strickly low priority.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-31

TiK 0.90-Pre82 is available

Fixes for this (pre-)release include a user-definable delay for reconnecting when a user has persistent connect checked and the (hopefully) last update to keep TiK from freaking out if the config directory is removed while TiK is running. The delay helps against screenname lockout in the event you open two TiK clients and signon with the same screenname.

You can download this release from the TiK section.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-25

Console 1.4.0 has been released

Updates for this release:
- Now supports unix platforms.

Download it from the TiK section.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-23

TiK 0.90 Pre80 is out

Download it from the TiK area.

Fixes for this release:
- fixed boxinfo's http proxy problem (for good, I hope)
- fixed left over http tokens (they caused a slow? memory leak) in boxinfo and quickchat

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-19

Snacksnd 1.4.0 is out

See below for changes made for this release.

Updates in this version include:
- less memory usage
- fixed a directory bug with the initial sound loading

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-18

TiK 0.90-Pre78 is out

Updates in this pre-release include:
- packages/components no longer write to a config directory that doesn't exist

As usual, you can download this pre-release from the TiK area.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-17

TiK 0.90-Pre77 is out

Fixed a bug with boxinfo that was causing memory errors in the interpreter. Download it from the TiK area.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-16

TiK 0.90-Pre76 is available

Download it from the TiK area.

Changes include:
- Moved socket wrappers to sflap so that they don't interfere with the http package anymore
- Added JDLSpeedy's boxinfo patch.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-15

TiK 0.90-Pre72 is out

Download it from the TIK area.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-14

TiK 0.90-Pre70 is available for download

TiK 0.90-Pre70 is available for download in the TiK section.
(more. . . )

Bugs that will be fixed before the official 0.90 release:
- Tcl Special Characters in play havoc with away messages and away nicks.
- Error when trying to write to non-existent files

Bugs fixed in this Pre-Release:
- Preferences Dialog inserts a lot of BR tags
- Quotes in away messages work (but not in nicks)
- Permit/Deny flash on edit (partially fixed)

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-10

[News Archive] linking error fixed

The [News Archive] link should work now, sending you to the news archive at

This link is part of the exported data from Sourceforge. It only contains news items that were submitted through Sourceforge, so if you want the news items before that, you need to use the old news link.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2001-01-10

tikae 0.88.2 available for download

Finally got tikae 0.88.2 up on the Sourceforge servers. Things are insane because of the holidays, and with a hard drive upgrade for my main development system (from the old 5 gig to the new 30 gig). Hopefully everything will calm down after the new year.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-27

Sourceforge Downtime

Incase you haven't heard yet, Sourceforge is going down this Friday, December 15, at 9pm - 3am PST. So, there's going to be an interruption of service here during that time. I should also be gone from Friday through Monday on a trip to Virginia, weather permitting. I'll check in when I can, and get to any problems first thing Tuesday, again, weather permitting. Also, keep an eye out at the TiK site this weekend and next week for a flurry of development. I know I'm a broken record, but the next release is coming very, VERY, SOON.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-14

TiK Update: Text Copy

For those not running under TiK under unix, the CVS tree contains a fix that allows you to copy text from IM, CHAT, getaway, info, etc. windows. Also, word is that TiK 0.90 should be released VERY soon (or I'm gonna tease Daspek until it does). Un-official pre-release containing this fix should be up on the TiK area here shortly. (Read more.)

The copy fix allows under users Windows, or any other non-unix platform that can't copy, to copy by selecting the text they want copied with their mouse. The sheer act of selection causes the copy. I set it up this way because it was the simplest. If anyone has problems, make them known and I'll see about another method.... read more

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-11

Old News Page

Added an old news page to keep track of the old pre-export news items, as well as the last 20 exported ones. I decided to rebuild my "exported data" parser, only to decide to keep it mostly the way it was. I also spent way too much time on command-line arguments, especially for something that's probably only useful to me.

Starting Sunday, weather permitting, I'll be on the road for a nice tour through Virginia visiting some old friends. I'll be gone for about a week so if you can't find me, now you know why.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-08

Fixed linking error

I setup a tcl script to fix the broken link in the exported news data, so now there shouldn't be any broken links on the main project page. I started to remove the horizontal lines from out of the link area, but I couldn't get it to look nice, so the lines are staying for now. When I play with regsub some more, I'll see about putting up something that looks nicer.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-07

Added project statistics

Under the project links is now the project statistics provided by the Sourceforge export feature. It's a nice feature, but I'm not thrilled with the way the horizontal lines look. I added the lines to the project links to help balance, but I think they will probably go. I'm definitely going to look into pre-parsing the exported data from Sourceforge.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-06

News Export Feature

I've changed the index for this site to use php and Sourceforge's new News Export feature. I've also put the code for this site's php files into cvs. I've noticed a minor linking bug with the way Sourceforge exports the news and am looking into a php workaround. In the meantime, you'll notice the bug when you click on the "/projects/keylargo" broken link. If you want to see the old news items, go to

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-06

There is activity here.

Despite the lack of CVS stats, this project is active and to prove it there are two TiK plugins available for download and the latest copy of tikae. Over at TiK we're gearing up for the next release which I'm hoping will be later tonight or tomorrow. Yep, that project is active, too.

Posted by Alfred Ellis 2000-12-01

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