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K3dEngine planning version

K3dEngine is open source game engine for creating Linux and Win32 games. Graphics engine running in OpenGL.
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Features of K3dEngine release date 07-08-18
- Create and using keyboard key mapping.
- Load lua config files.
- Descent, first person or camera moving.
- Draw arbitrary text.
- Draw actual FPS.
- Draw 2d images.
- Backface culling.
- Lighting.
- Imported Lua script language
- Imported guichan gui interface
- Triangulation algorithm triangulate vertices to the convex polyhedron

Posted by Jan Kočí 2007-08-18

KEngine 1.0.7 new release

Loading original Q3 levels
Loading Q3 BSP meshes

Posted by Jan Kočí 2003-06-09

KEngine 1.0.6 new release

Quake III BSP collision detection.

Posted by Jan Kočí 2002-11-15

KEngine 1.0.5 new release

Loading Quake III BSP levels.
Multitexturing and lightmapping.
BSP tree and BSP optimalization.

Posted by Jan Kočí 2002-10-25

KEngine 1.0.4 new release

Draw BMP fonts

Posted by Jan Kočí 2002-09-17

KEngine 1.0.3 new release

Plays music with using FMOD library

Posted by Jan Kočí 2002-09-16

KEngine 1.0.2 new release

Demonstration 3D rendering KEngine1.0.2

Loading and rendering 3DStudioMax (*.3ds) models.
Loading JPG (*.jpg) textures

Posted by Jan Kočí 2002-09-12