#186 Kdiff doesn't work with remote folders using fish protocol


Kdiff doesn't work with remote folders. If I recall correctly it used to work in Kubuntu 13.10 (Saucy) but not in 14.04 (Trusty). See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdiff3 for the differences

Example 1
A: file:///home/joan/
B: fish:/joanmaspons@

Error while open folders:
Direcory B «file:///home/joan/fish:/joan@» doesn't exists or it isn't a directory.

Example 2
A: fish:/joan@
B: file:///home/joan/

No server name was specified.

Error while open these files:
- fish:/joan@
- file:///home/joan/

Notice that in example 1 the path to directory B in the error message is wrong.

I translated the error message from catalan by myself so maybe the original strings differs.


  • Joachim Eibl

    Joachim Eibl - 2014-04-29

    Please test with another program as well (e.g. Konqueror)
    Since KDiff3 just uses the KIO protocoll, such problems are usually not specific to KDiff3.

    And try two slashes: fish://...


  • Joan Maspons

    Joan Maspons - 2014-04-29

    The fish protocol works with dolphin and konqueror.

    I tried with two slashes and the problem persist. Anyway, I used the file picker dialog with the bookmarks from dolphin so it should work as in dolphin.

  • Rudolf Polzer

    Rudolf Polzer - 2014-05-15

    Same behaviour and same error with samba protocol!
    On Linux 3.12.13-gentoo 64bit

    I enter a folder name by searching it using the directory button. Then the directory name in line B: is correct:


    Then I click OK and get the error message

    Directory B "home/rudi/smb:/irp-notebook/Daten" does not exist or is no directory.
    Ordner B "home/rudi/smb:/irp-notebook/Daten" existiert nicht oder ist kein Ordner.

    And the previously correct directory in line B: is changed to


  • Rudolf Polzer

    Rudolf Polzer - 2014-05-30

    I tested it with smb protocol and Konqueror - that works!

    It looks like file name handling in KDiff3 does not handle protocol name strings properly...

  • tjin

    tjin - 2014-06-11

    I think it is a bug in KDiff3 and not in KIO.
    Comparing files does work, but comparing folders does not work !
    The error message is different depending on folder A is remote or folder B.

    Example 1:
    A: smb://mynas/username/folder1
    B: file:///home/username/folder1
    ERROR message: smb://mynas/username/folder1 is a folder while a file was expected.

    Example 2: (switch A <-> B)
    A: file:///home/username/folder1
    B: smb://mynas/username/folder1
    ERROR message: file:///home/username/smb:/mynas/username/folder1 does not exist or is not a folder.

    Note: The errormessages are not exact, because i got a Dutch installation of Ubuntu and i translated it to English.

    Comparing folders is an important feature for me, because i compare large directory trees (mostly my pictures) for backup purpose. (I use only file-size which is quick and safe enough for pictures).
    It works on my laptop where i still have Ubuntu 12.04

    Last edit: tjin 2014-06-11
  • Joachim Eibl

    Joachim Eibl - 2014-07-07

    Please try again with KDiff3 0.9.98. (Available as source)


  • Rudolf Polzer

    Rudolf Polzer - 2014-07-07

    I tested version 0.9.98 with samba protocol - it is working - thank you!

    The progress bar number one always shows 0%, but repairing this item would be just a cosmetic improvement. The whole rest seems to work properly.


  • tjin

    tjin - 2014-07-07

    Compiled and tested 0.9.98. Many thanks for fixing it.

  • Joachim Eibl

    Joachim Eibl - 2014-08-07
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Joachim Eibl

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