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KDE-HIG with Articles

Several articles have been written since the project work has actually started. Currently the articles are present on only pen and paper so it will take time to put in on digital release. As I think time better be spent on writing than to make it digitized, this is making any release late.

Posted by Manik Chand Patnaik 2005-08-17

Development work started

This is to inform the community that the preliminary documentation work has already started. Some are being written and the most of the task waits in the queue.

Posted by Manik Chand Patnaik 2005-04-28

Helping Hands in Late December

It is a pleasure to announce that I will be getting help in my work in December. We still are in the soul search phase and it probably would take more time than the target. Better be on a strong foundation than collapse later.

Posted by Manik Chand Patnaik 2004-09-26

Developer Docs

We are very much in the Soul search phase where we are collecting developer docs (Special Docs related to the HIG Specifications) and this is supposed to continue till some time. We are not involving brainstorming right now as we are busy in skimming through the ocean.
We have got a legal expert to our help too.

Posted by Manik Chand Patnaik 2004-07-28

KDE-HIG Takes off

Hello friends,
The project aiming at creating Human Interface Guidelines for K Desktop Environment has finally taken off.
The phases decided to be taken up now are
1. Soul Search phase
2. Incubation phase
After completion of these two phases activities on this site will gather considerable momentum.

For watching progress in this project please visit us in fixed intervals.

With best wishes,


Posted by Manik Chand Patnaik 2004-06-10