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KDE CVSBuild Version 0.3.0 Released

Finally the long awaited subversion support has been landed in kde-cvsbuild.

kde-cvsbuild 0.3.0 can now be used to build the latest KDE 3.5 branch. As KDE-trunk is currently in flux, I cannot keep up with it for now.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2005-11-15

Future of kde-cvsbuild

After my initial interest in kde-cvsbuild in late 2002, the pace of kde-cvsbuild's development has considerably slowed down with patchlevel releases once per year.

I consider kde-cvsbuild a tool which:
- does the work it is supposed to.
- needs as little maintenance as possible.

Hence, any major improvements to kde-cvsbuild have arisen from direct needs having emerged during KDE development.

It will stay that way. You can expect patchlevel releases about once a year which ensure that kde-cvsbuild is able to build the latest KDE version available by then.... read more

Posted by Leo Savernik 2005-04-14

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.6 Released

kde-cvsbuild 0.2.6 is a maintenance release over 0.2.5. It provides only small
feature enhancements as well as bugfixes.

The most important feature in 0.2.6 is the configure-stage being explicitly
exposed in addition to the other stages introduced in 0.2.5.

The stages as of 0.2.6 are thus:
- download (--with(out)-cvs, --with(out)-cvsup)
- create configure (--with(out)-create-configure)
- configure (--with(out)-configure) (<== NEW!)
- compile (--with(out)-compile)
- install (--with(out)-install)... read more

Posted by Leo Savernik 2005-04-14

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.5 Released

Have you thought kde-cvsbuild is dead? It is not -- it has taken a long time off only to reappear with massive improvements.

The most important feature is kde-cvsbuild allowing a much more fine grained control of the build process as was previously possible. One can specify which distinct stages of the build process are to take place, and which are not, like: don't download, don't genereate configure, do compile it, don't install it.... read more

Posted by Leo Savernik 2004-02-26

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.4 Released

Some changes have accumulated since 0.2.3 so I thought it is about time to bring out a new release.

Version 0.2.4 covers small bugfixes/features. Refer to the release notes for more information:

Posted by Leo Savernik 2003-01-29

cvsup unmaintained

I used to use cvsup for keeping my repository in sync, but recently I got more involved in KDE development so I switched to cvs.

As I cannot afford testing kde-cvsbuild both with cvsup and cvs, cvsup has effectively become unmaintained.

If you happen to use cvsup and notice its breakage, do not hesistate and send a bug report to the maintainer -- also including a fix if feasible.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2003-01-29

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.3 Released

Version 0.2.3 has some hacks removed that are not necessary anymore. Furthermore it provides fixes for building Qt and and an updated list of mirros in the template configuration file.

The lastest KDE CVS is known to work with kde-cvsbuild so eventually KDE 3.1 should build without issues. Please report any bugs you encounter to the maintainer.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2002-11-07

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.2 Released

Version 0.2.2 fixes a bug that lead to using the wrong moc compiler.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2002-09-19

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.1 Released

Version 0.2.1 fixes some minor bugs, most notably the kde i18n build bug.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2002-08-28

KDE CVSBuild Version 0.2.0 Released

After one year and a quarter after the last production version 0.1.8 was released, we are proud to announce the availability of kde-cvsbuild 0.2.0.

Here is a list of features 0.2.0 has over 0.1.8:
- compiles lastest KDE HEAD
- contains a perl based install script for automated upgrade of configuration data
- you can now change certain settings and have them take effect while kde-cvsbuild is running
- supports updates from CVS as well as from CVSup
- greatly enhanced configurability while staying compatible to 0.1.8 as far as the command line switches are concerned
- other bugfixes and enhancements... read more

Posted by Leo Savernik 2002-06-12

kde-cvsbuild 0.1.99beta2 is out

This release fixes a few bugs discovered since the release of beta 1 and is accomodated to the changed KDE 3 build process.

Posted by Leo Savernik 2002-03-05

kde-cvsbuild 0.1.99beta is out

Just in time for the kde3 beta1 kde-cvsbuild now features a version that compiles the kde3 cvs packages.

Many improvements since 0.1.8 have been incorporated. Download the tarball or the self extracting archive and read the README for more information.

This release may still contain bugs. If you find one, do not hesitate and fill out a bug report or send a detailed email to one of the maintainers (mentioned in kde-cvsbuild.lsm).

Posted by Leo Savernik 2001-12-07

kde-cvsbuild has now a installer/upgrader tool

It's written in perl by Leo Savernik, who is so kind to help me maintainig this project. The installer/upgrader is now in cvs along with some major enhancements (anonymous cvs and other features). If everything goes well, I'll release version 0.2.0 soon. In the meantime you can pick the latest version directly from cvs (http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=23903).

Posted by Andreas Hochsteger 2001-10-29

Version 0.1.8 released

kde-cvsbuild has now moved to SourceForge and the latest version 0.1.8 is now available.

Posted by Andreas Hochsteger 2001-03-30

KDE CVSBuild now in CVS

I've imported all releases (from 0.1.0 to 0.1.8) into CVS.

Posted by Andreas Hochsteger 2001-03-29

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