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kchmviewer 4.0 released

Two highlights of this release - adding parsing for binary TOC and index, and fixing three most annoying bugs :)
This release also supposed to fully support KDE4.

Note that this release will not support KDE3 or Qt3.

Posted by George Yunaev 2008-12-02

kchmviewer 4.0beta2 released (Qt4)

This is mostly bugfix release, addressing a lot of bugs in handling problematic or even buggy CHM files. A couple of other bugs was fixed as well. A command-line option to search through table of contents (--stoc) has been added. The application could now be built on MS Windows, the binary has been released as well. Major changes in search engine.

Everyone is welcomed to test this release. Guys and gals, open source developers do not have a dedicated QA team, and rely on community. If you do not test alphas and betas, then everyone gets a buggy release. Please participate.

Posted by George Yunaev 2008-02-12

kchmviewer 4.0 beta1 release (Qt4)

This release is for Qt4 only. It will not compile with Qt3.

Posted by George Yunaev 2007-09-17

kchmviewer-qt3 version 3.1 released!

This is a bugfix release, no features added. Fixed locale and .desktop installation directory for Gentoo. Increased the speed of search engine indexing. Fixed the problem when kchmviewer is called from a browser with URL like file://. Fixed the unability to run the program when the last opened file does not exist anymore, and the LoadLatestFileOnStartup is set to 1. Fixed CHMs with Unicode index/topic filenames inside CHM file. Fixed showing book images in QTextBrowser when file path contains urlencoded symbols. Fixed 64bit platforms compilation if system chmlib is not present.... read more

Posted by George Yunaev 2007-06-17

kchmviewer-3.0 released!

The most important improverment was a new search engine, which could correctly search in any language (including Asian languages), and can search for symbols - so feel free searching for "new SWFActon()" in PHP help. Added DCOP bindings for KDE version. Chm procesing code moved in a separate library and was rewritten resulted in up to 20x(!) speed increase for loading large chm files. Fixed a lot of old bugs, including 'Copy' in KDE, removing a duplicated application title, and incorrect popup menu position.

Posted by George Yunaev 2007-03-14

kchmviewer-2.7 released!

You can now switch between tabs using Alt+. Now current window size and splitter position is also stored on exit - separately for each chm file. Kchmviewer should now work correctly on non-x86 platforms, including the codepage autodetection. TOC directory entries now could be opened/closed with double-click on the entry name/icon, not just +/- icons. Added a warning when the browser or browser settings are changed that the application restart is required for changes to take effect. Fixed the i18n compilation problem in kchmviewwindow.cpp. If the TOC directory entry did not have an associated page, it was not possible to select it. No more duplicate entries in previous file history. The window title is now truncated if too long. Tab close icon now positioned correctly. Menu-based window selection with multiple tabs now works. Added Czech and updated Dutch translations.

Posted by George Yunaev 2006-12-07

kchmviewer-2.6 released

Right-click menu is now available in Contents, Search, Index and Favorites windows. Added shortcut help in context menus. Fixed compilation on gcc 4.x and on Zaurus/Debian. Fixed navigation buttons 'What's this' messages.

Posted by George Yunaev 2006-07-07

kchmviewer-2.5 released!

Added the most wanted feature - support for tabbed browsing. You can now open pages in new tabs by using the appropriate items in right-click content menu, or by use Shift-clicn (open in new tab), and Ctrl-click (open in background tab) shortcuts. Added tooltips to show the whole string in content, index and search windows, if those strings are truncated by view. Bookmarks are now also shown in menu, and can be added with Ctrl-B shortcut. Back-forward navigation now stores not only the page, but also the cursor position. Added 'Extract CHM content' feature to extract the whole CHM file into a directory. Fixed some history navigation issues, 'locate in content' button now finds the topic correctly, and activates the content tab if hidden. Fixed mailto: urls handling, fixed crash after encoding change. Contents tree parser is fixed, now TOC should be shown correctly. Added Russia, Dutch and Turkish translations. More translations are welcome!

Posted by George Yunaev 2006-04-05

kchmviewer 2.0 released!

Added 'locate in content window' button to look up currently opened topic in the content window. Content tree parser made bullet-proof. Fixed showing images-only pages. In full screen mode the menu bar and status bar are now hidden. Added an application icon. Internal build scripts rewritten, fixing gcc 4.1 compilation, adding possibility to use system-wide libchm, and making autobuild/autotest scripts work correctly. Added i18n calls to allow complete internationalization. pot file created, so you can translate it now!

Posted by George Yunaev 2006-02-04

kchmviewer 1.3 released!

Working x86_64 support, added Fullscreen mode, and option to show/hide contents window, possibility to view HTML source in external viewer/editor.
File names containing non-English characters now open correctly.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-11-28

kchmviewer-1.2 release

This release fixes all reported bugs, and adds most requested features.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-11-21

kchmviewer 1.1 released!

Fixed security bug - chmlib-0.35 updated to 0.37. Fixed bug with incorrect embedded image shown. Fixed bug with non-working decrease font size command. Copy in KDE version works through Ctrl-C or 'copy' in content menu.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-10-30

No updates for so long

But I'm going to fix everything this week. Thank you for everyone who sent bug reports.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-09-27

At least! The 1.0 release!

kchmviewer 1.0 officially becomes a release! Since 0.92 fixed -h option for Qt version, search messagebox on '?' button and added F3 shortcut for 'next search in page' action.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-07-28

kchmviewer 0.92 released!

This is mostly bugfix release.
Context and search windows are not shown if not present in CHM. The last used directory is now saved. Fixed 'View HTML source' bug, "Select All/Copy" popup menu bugs, duplicated WhatsIs icons. Fixed AMD64 build (experimental). Added several keyboard shortcuts for menu commands, added extra shortcuts: Ctrl+1 opens the contents page, Ctrl+2 opens Index page, Ctrl+3 opens the Search page, and Ctrl+4 opens the Bookmarks page.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-06-29

kchmviewer-0.91 RC1 released! Need help with AMD64

It is pre-release version.
To make a 64-bit version, I need access to AMD64 hardware. Could someone provide access? (or donate it :)

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-06-18

kchmviewer 0.9 BETA released!

So the kchmviewer becomes mature...

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-06-07

kchmviewer-0.3 released

The most important feature of this release is optional KDE support, which includes most KDE widgets, and KHTML/KIO. A lot of bugs was fixed, including support for non-latin filenames.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-05-10

kchmviewer 0.2 released

There is a lot of changes:

- added index fields identation according to .hhk file.
- index entries with multiple links are now supported. A dialog is opened when such a link is clicked.
- index "see also" links are now supported.
- added red color for index entries with multiple links, and grey color for "see also" links.
- chmlib interface redesigned for a great code cleanup and a little speedup.
- fixed bug when search history and bookmark list grow up every start.
- fixed garbage at the end of some HTML pages.
- fixed bug when search results do not open in page.
- fixed compilation on earlier Qt version (remove qvector.h dependency).
- fixed compilation on glibc without off_t.
- TOC parser rewritten, got about 30% speedup on TOC parsing. Note that TOC parser becomes stricter; please report any warnings.
- Fixed chinese encoding TOC bugs, chinese files are now also shown correctly.
- Added ” entity to the entities list.
- added support for built-in images, including custom images for folders;
- re-merged toolbar images into the executable as PNGs (uses less space);
- switched to autoconf/automake from qmake to simplify building and distribution, and to simplify KDEing;

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-04-24

I'm on vacation now

till next Sunday.
CVS HEAD already contains ./configure stuff and using specified images.

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-04-19

Initial release 0.1

Please test it, report bugs and ask for new features :)

Posted by George Yunaev 2005-04-18