#5 kbiff polls before pre-polling command?


I have KBiff set up to run the "getmail" program for the
pre-polling command of an "mbox"-type mailbox. "getmail"
fetches all mail from my various POP3 accounts and
combines them into an mbox file in my home directory.
When KBiff polls for mail in this account, it behaves this

1. check mbox file for new mail
2. run pre-polling command

When does it run the pre-polling command AFTER it
checks whether I have new mail? I want it to run the
pre-polling command, wait until it's done, then check
the mbox file. Otherwise I have to wait 10 minutes (i.e.,
until the next poll) after it's run the pre-polling command
before it realizes that I have new mail.


  • Paul Hoepfner-Homme

    Patch for the fetch command of kbiff; waits until command has completed before checking for new messages

  • Paul Hoepfner-Homme

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    Actually, kbiff is running the prepolling command before it
    checks for new messages, it just isn't waiting for the
    prepolling command to complete before it checks. I wrote a
    patch for kbiff-3.6.3 (kbiff.cpp and kbiff.h) that fixes this bug;
    it now waits until the fetch command has completed before
    proceeding to check for new messages.

  • Paul Hoepfner-Homme

    • status: open --> open-fixed

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