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Kaprekar 3.0 Released

The Kaprekar Series Generator allows you to determine the kaprekar series for any given number of digits (ranging from 2 to 2,147,483,647).

It provides both a command line as well as a GUI (java swing based) interface.

It is written in Java 5, so you'll need the latest JDK to compile and run it.

To read more about the Kaprekar Series and to see some of the output from the Generator, check out the project web site http://kaprekar.sourceforge.net.... read more

Posted by derupe 2005-01-15

Kaprekar 2.2b Released

Released Version 2.2b of Kaprekar Series Generator.

This is a minor BugFix and maninly a CodeFix release.

The progress bar (in the Kaprekar Gui) was not working while searching for Kaprekar series with more than 19 digits. This has been fixed.

The code has been fixed and refactored in preparation for using Java generics.

Posted by derupe 2004-12-15

Kaprekar 2.0b Released

Major changes include addition of a GUI interface (java swing).
The Kaprekar Series Generator is a java application to help find all the Kaprekar Series for a specified number of digits.
For more details check the project web site - http://kaprekar.sourceforge.net

Posted by derupe 2004-06-05