K-3D Released

K-3D 0.6 is the third major release of K-3D.
All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to
K-3D 0.6 for its completely rewritten user
interface, many new features, and significantly
improved stability over 0.4.

K-3D incorporates several important bugfixes, including fixes for a longstanding problem running external render engines on Win32, and a regression in the automatic shader compilation code introduced in K-3D A bug in the loop detection code for the visualization pipeline has been fixed, as well as user interface problems with the File > Revert command. Finally, a "reset" button has been added to the FrozenMesh, K3DMeshInput, and OBJMeshInput plugins, making it easy to update the pipeline when an external file has changed. All users are encouraged to update to K-3D as soon as possible.

Developers are invited to contribute to the
K-3D 0.7 development tree, which will lead to
the next release of K-3D.

Posted by Timothy M. Shead 2006-12-16