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XSL stylesheet available

I put in the cvs the stylesheet from the demonstration, available as a zip from

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2005-04-13

Release 1.1.1

Minor release, correcting a bug when using jxla to parse logs from only one host.
Update off library nioto.Browser to support Firefox

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2005-04-06

Release 1.1 update

The release 1.1 has an old version of nioto.Browser which doesn't recognize Firefox as itself but as Mozilla.

The lib has been uploaded to the release 1.1, just replace your old org.nioto.browser.jar in lib/ directory by this one ( org.nioto.browser-v0.2.1.jar ).

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2005-03-20

Release 1.1 is out

I released today the version 1.1 of the log analyzer.

Work on the version 2 is beginning, to allow parsing of any log file ( not only access logs from webserver)

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2005-03-19

Release 1.1 is coming

I update the CVS with last files, added a sub-project browser in the CVS to parse User-agents

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2005-01-06

Release v1.0 is out !!!


for a live exmaples and download informations

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2002-12-09

[fr] Bientt une version

Quelques jours pour faire une doc de configuration du bidule, et je le mais en ligne. (Le programme est dans porduction dans ma bote depuis 2 mois.)

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2001-10-24

[en] Release coming soon

Just few days to write a configuration documentation of the analyzer, and I will commit my work. JXLA is in use in my company since 2 months, so I will put it directly in production/stable state.

Posted by Antonio ALVES 2001-10-24