Finding Relationships between Synsets

  • Anonymous - 2003-07-17

    I'm having a problem finding relatinoships between synset. Most relationships work fine, but trying to locate something between 'staff' and 'Deliverer' for example doesn't find anything from the senses I expect, instead I can only find relationships between staff (building material) and deliverer.

    Is this simply because those relationships don't exist in Wordnet, am i looking for the wrong types of relatinoships, or have I done something else wrong.

    I can't believe that Wordnet doesn't have a link from 'staff' (personnel) to 'deliverer'. I can do it indirectly from finding relationships between staff-> personnel, personnel -> person, person -> deliverer. But why doesn't wordnet find it?

    Is there anyway of searching relationships irrespective of the relation type (search all, rather than hypernym, hyponym etc etc)

    Thanks in advance

    Benjy Thomasson

    • John Didion

      John Didion - 2003-11-11

      I cannot find a relationship between personnel and person. If you can find this relationship, please send me the offsets of the synsets. Thanks,



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