John Didion - 2004-01-13

Hi everyone. I really appreciate how many people have been working with JWNL, how supportive you've been to each other, and how tolerant you've been about bugs and the (sometimes) long periods of time it takes for me to fix them.

As of now, I simply cannot keep up with JWNL the way I need to. I would love to have an experienced JWNL user join as a project admin, but until that happens I'm going to have to operate by the following policy:

I will not read the JWNL forum more than once a month. If you find a bug, please enter it into the bug tracking system. Before you enter it, however, please make sure it actually is a bug. Talk about it for a few days on the discussion group and see if anyone has a fix before submitting it. I will check the bug queue about once a week, and I will post new release candidates as often as makes sense. Once the bug queue has been quiet for about a month, I will release the final version of 1.3. After that, I will no longer be releasing new versions of JWNL. If someone steps forward to help me admin the project, then I will most likely turn over control of the project to them after the final 1.3 release. If you have feature requests, please enter them as such. They will be ignored until after the final 1.3 release, but hopefully there will be a new project admin to take care of them after that.