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jwma (Java Webmail) / News: Recent posts

v0.9.7 Released to public

We are proud to announce the public release of v0.9.7.
Documentation can be found as always at:

The jwma development team.

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2003-02-19

Project Is Alive!

Lately I received many emails of people asking if this project is still alive. I want to answer this question publically:
jwma is still actively developed, a look at the HEAD of CVS will show that the codebase has evolved a lot, and that user suggestions and requests have been taken seriously.

Thanks for your patience,

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2002-06-14

New codebase in CVS, new graphics

Executive Summary:

* new codebase tree checked in
- updated to work with all IMAPd's
- cleaned up responsibilities (between MC mainly), controller should now
be easily portable into frameworks like Turbine
- starts of administrative features (Status works)
- starts of directory framework (for recipient lookup and validation)
- various bug & problem fixes

* new look and feel of example view
- includes a new graphics set, that is hand made and distributable under BSD,
because it is underived. Resolves the legal issue that I reported recently.... read more

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-05-09


Hi everybody,
I am sorry to announce that there are legal issues with the "derived" graphics I am using for the jwma example view.

I have removed the graphics from the CVS, and I have removed all current releases.
Fact is that anybody using the example view has to be aware that those graphics are not distributable under the BSD license, and can probably cause a legal problem.

I am looking forward to find a replacement, especially because I have siginificantly enhanced the codebase. However, until then, jwma will stay viewless. I am happy for any comments or suggestions, and I can't do much more then clean up the situation and excuse for the troubles this might cause.... read more

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-05-07

Started a partial rewrite

Hi everybody out there,
I could not bear the fact that jwma does not work properly with all IMAPd's any longer, and started a major workover (and I also wanted to unclutter the model and the controller code).
This means that the 0.9.1 release will be delayed, and probably never occur (...the jump in version numbers has to be higher to justify all the change =:)

Please stay tuned, and a little bit patient, I am sure it will be worth it. The new codebase will be checked in as a root into the cvs, so I finally also repair the mistake I made when I imported the codebase first time.... read more

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-04-23

Spanish Language Package

I am happy to announce that a spanish language package is available now.


Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-03-24

Localization - jwma translated

The jwma user interface can quite simply be translated to other languages. All that has to be done is a translation of all JSP's (within a html editor, no problem) and a translation of the file.
There is a glitch left that I have to fix, but I have posted a german language package already. A spanish one is going to follow soon.

Hope that other languages will become available when the user community grows.... read more

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-02-12

Screenshots available

I added screenshots of almost all jwma views to the documentation section of the project.
To take you directly there use:


Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-02-02

Development Snapshots & Homepage update

I have just added a new release package for distributing development snapshot releases that somehow represent milestones.
In parallel I have switched the projects home page to the new structure and new version. Further updates and information will follow, so please see it as work in progress :)


Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-02-02

Status & TODO

For those that wonder what exactly is going on I add up kind of a TODO together with a status:

* decouple error descriptions (not hardcoded)
50% done
* enhance error handling & reporting
50% done
* add an administrative controller (edit/view settings and local
template as admin)
0% done maybe not in next release

* decouple error descriptions (not hardcoded)
50% done
* enhance error handling & reporting
50% done
* complete model implementation api documentation
85% done
* quality check naming of methods
0% done
* create settings model and implementation for admin contr.
0% done... read more

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2001-01-08

jwma Deployment & Configuration

I am working on improving quite some things, and
one of them is plug and play deployment under
Tomcat (I am refering to the last stable release
Everybody that is not too experienced with web-application configuration, should possibly wait for the v0.9.1 release.


Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2000-12-07

Initial public release.

Initial public release of jwma (Java WebMail).
Please see the homepage for documentation :)


Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2000-11-24

Preparing for open sourcing

I am just working on making everything ready
for SourceForge based development of jwma.
Please stay tuned, most likely things are going
to be up soon, approx. next week, including
extensive documentation.

Posted by Dieter Wimberger 2000-11-20