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First JWebMail release in 6 years

We have submitted the first Release Candidate for refactored JWebMail, Java

The presentation and feature set is pretty much unchanged from the previous
public release (0.7.10) back in 2002, but the product is now a well-behaved
web application.

Numerous bugs have been fixed; development system totally re-designed to facilitate
easy customization for command-line or IDE developers; application has been
completely separated from runtime data and configurations to make upgrades and
redeployments easy. The license has been changed to Apache 2.0 to encourage
commercial usage while remaining completely open.... read more

Posted by Blaine Simpson 2008-10-31

WebMail 0.7.7 Released

WebMail 0.7.7 has been released today. I included several bugfixes that I received the last months, and among other things, WebMail now has Chinese language support. Further integration into Tomcat was the main issue of this release, so if you are running Tomcat (or any other Servlet API 2.2 Server), you might want to upgrade.

Posted by Sebastian Schaffert 2001-11-06

WebMail 0.7 pre-release 2

I've just uploaded a new WebMail pre-release. It is only meant to show the current development status and not for production use. Please read the Release Notes for details.

Posted by Sebastian Schaffert 2000-04-20