#165 jVi cannot map the "ö"-key


I want to map the "ö"-key to ":" (I have a Finnish keyboard), but jVi won't accept it (I get this error: "ö" left-side not recognized). Other mapping commands work fine. My jVi version is 1.4.5, and my NetBeans is 7.0.1.


Discussion: Build jvi for netbeans


  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2012-03-22

    The code for parsing map commands is in com.raelity.jvi.core.lib.Mappings. It is probably only allowing the old ascii set. It might be as simple as allowing more characters. Any idea where vim doc's what characters are acceptable?

    If you'd like to work on a patch, that would be the place to start.

  • Tobias M.

    Tobias M. - 2013-05-03

    I also need to map the "ö"-key (german keyboard here) as I jusually map the navigation keys like this:
    noremap ö l
    noremap l k
    noremap k j
    noremap j h

    To be able to do this I changed the regex-Pattern in Mappings.getMapCharsMatcher():

    String pat = "([!-~**\\p{L}**&&[^\\\\<]])"
    + "|<C-([@-_&&[^\\\\]])>"
    + "|<(?:([SC])-)?(special)>";

    So I added \p{L} which accepts (as far as I understand) any Unicode Letter.

    I don't know if this is an acceptable patch or if it might cause any problems.
    I was just looking for a fast hack that works for me...

    Last edit: Tobias M. 2013-05-03
  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2013-08-13

    Fixed in Mercurial (thanks Tobias). Available next release.

    BTW, in the patch I see a pair of double *, I guess that got displayed due to some formatting conversion problem.

  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2013-08-13
    • status: open --> open-fixed
    • Group: --> Major
  • Ernie Rael

    Ernie Rael - 2014-12-19
    • Status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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