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 CVSROOT 2006-08-14 alokito alokito [1250f3] added entry for rqluk
 JTVPluginExample 2011-06-10 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [6cb97e] got rid of warnings
 JTVSeparateExample 2006-10-01 alokito alokito [45cc0c] initial import of JTVSeparateExample
 LinkedView 2014-05-21 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [89b744] Changed to MIT license from GPL version 2.
 helper-scripts 2017-01-03 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [f1578a] very first pass at splitByThreshold
 jtv-website 2017-03-05 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [334fb2] updated link to paper.
 .gitignore 2013-08-23 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [008d0c] added common stuff to .gitignore
 README 2011-08-29 Alok Saldanha Alok Saldanha [58f26a] added readme for 1.1.6r2

Read Me

= Release notes for Java Treeview 1.1.6r2 =

Features Added:

1) Can now "Save as..." from Summary popup

Bugs Fixed:

bug ID: 3328452, Summary popup failure
bug ID: 3004074, made code more resistent to invalid jtv
bug ID: 2683151, Contrast cursor is not linked to contrast field
bug ID: 2236095, better documentation for out of memory

= Release notes for Java Treeview 1.1.6 =

Features Added:

1) Added ability to "Save as..."
2) Can now save node flips to files, as well as tree node annotations
3) Save now triggers informative dialog

Bugs Fixed:


= Release notes for Java Treeview 1.1.5r2 =

fixed bug that caused stack overflow when dialogs were opened.

= Release notes for Java Treeview 1.1.5 =

Features Added:

1) Added support for command line image generation. Please see the new section in the online manual Feature Reference->Command Line Options->Dendrogram export options.

Bugs Fixed:

1) Got rid of  2px border on png output.

Other Changes:

1) Now requires java 1.5
2) Removed lots of deprecated and unused code, added annotations to remove warnings
3) Switched over to git from subversion
4) Changed to jargs parsing library

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