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JTreeMap 1.1.0 released

Laurent Dutheil and ObjectLab are pleased to announce release 1.1.0 of JTreeMap for Java 1.5+.

Open Source TreeMap/Heatmap components for Swing and SWT.


We believe this is the only open source library of the sort under a business friendly license (Apache License v2.0)

How to represent and visualize a lot of information at a glance is a hot topic in IT. A Treemap, also known as Heatmap, is an important tool for this. A TreeMap graphically represents a hierarchical structure.... read more

Posted by Benoit Xhenseval 2007-04-29

KTreeMap : SWT version of JTreeMap

The SWT version of JTreeMap.
Copy the jar into the plugins directory of your Eclipse.
Then, you can open the example view. (Window/Show View/others... KTreeMap/KTreeMap View)

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2006-09-03

jTreeMap 1.0

the first release of jTreeMap !

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2006-07-02

beta3 java 1.4 compatible

beta3 java 1.4 compatible

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2006-05-10

release 1.0 Beta3

JTreeMap is totaly compatible with Java 1.5
If you want to keep the compatibility with java 1.4, please contact me.
The ToolTip can be personalized.
Add the ColorProvider contribution of Andy Adamczak is added to the release.
The exemple is improved.
Fixed bugs

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2006-03-09

release 1.0 Beta

- The JTreeMap now fits the window/frame/panel. When you adjust the window, the jtreemap is redrawn.
- you can load tm3 file. tm3 file is a format from hcil TreeMap. See http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/treemap/doc4.1/create_TM3_file.html to create your own tm3 file
- code is improved to render the override easier.
- the exemple is improved too

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2005-11-23

release 0.9.6

resolve some bugs
This seems to be the final release.
If you have any suggestions, there are welcome

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2005-11-10

release 0.9.5

More exemples
Can load your own xml file from the exemple
More strategies
Improved code

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2005-11-07

Release 0.9.1

Add an applet example with a rigth-click event to zoom/unzoom the JTreeMap

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2005-10-29

new release : 0.9

All codes are in english
The packages are renamed
The widget is optimized
Suggestions are welcome !

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2005-10-13

a new release : 0.8.1

a release with a jar example

Posted by Laurent Dutheil 2001-05-12

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