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JTransforms version 2.3 released

- Performance improvements for 3D FFT (realForwardFull() and realInverseFull() for not power-of-two sizes).
- Cosmetic changes.

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2009-02-27

JTransforms version 2.2 released

- Fixed race condition in 3D FFT (realForwardFull() and realInverseFull()).
- Refactoring in ConcurrencyUtils.
- Some cosmetic changes.

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2009-01-31

JTransforms version 2.1 released

- Added Bluestein's FFT algorithm that significantly increases the performance and fixes accuracy issues when the size of the data is a number with a large prime factor.
- Added extra digits to the floating-point constants.
- The root mean square (RMS) error is now computed in all accuracy classes.

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2008-12-12

JTransforms version 2.0 released

Added mixed-radix algorithms for all transforms (no more power-of-two size limitation).

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2008-11-20

JTransforms version 1.7 released

- Fixed bug causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when 1D FFT transforms were run in the following order: realFrowardFull(); complexInverse(); realForwardFull().
- Added javadoc distribution.
- Bzip2 is used to compress tar archives.

Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2008-08-04

JTransforms version 1.6 released

Initial release of JTransforms at SourceForge.


Posted by Piotr Wendykier 2008-07-17

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