#21 Ajax Panel is not working in Master Pages

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amr eladawy

when using Ajax Panel in Master pages, it does not work.
the page is posting back normally


  • amr eladawy

    amr eladawy - 2009-07-03

    This was due the following:
    1- AjaxPanel on master page is saved in the Collection IAjaxSubmitte in the master only.
    2. when Rendering the Panel is not found as it was looked for in the Content while it is in the master.
    3. on the client side the script was unable to identify the name of the panel to be refreshed with incomming html. so the script is reloading the whole page

    the fix for this :
    checking both Master and Content page for the IAjsxSubmitter collection.

  • amr eladawy

    amr eladawy - 2009-07-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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