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SAX parser features

New version allows using framework on systems which are not connected or have restricted access to the Internet. In new version SAX parser is not trying to load external DTD file.

Posted by Dalibor Krleza 2007-03-19

Subobject factory

Added subobject fetching using subobject factory. MVC creates subobject factory which is responsible for fetching form bean subobject. Helps to split business and presentation logic.

Posted by Dalibor Krleza 2007-03-09

Released jspWidgets 1.0

Start making real WEB 2.0 GUI! Bring your business applications on the Internet and into browser environment.
jspWidgets allows you to build window-based GUI inside browsers. This framework contains much more: MVC, converters, form digesters, security management interfaces, debugging windows, etc...
Good as a JSF alternative.

Posted by Dalibor Krleza 2007-03-02