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JsonRpc-Cpp 0.2

New version of JsonRpc-Cpp is out!

Among the others, it add support for batched call, add JSON-RPC client examples and unit tests.

Posted by Sebastien Vincent 2009-05-28

New website and mailing-list

A new website has been set up on http://jsonrpc-cpp.sourceforge.net/. A mailing-list is also available for discussions about development of JsonRpc-Cpp

Posted by Sebastien Vincent 2009-03-10

First version released

The first version of JsonRpc-Cpp is out!

JsonRpc-Cpp provides an easiest way to deal with low-level JSON-RPC (server side) in C++. This is just the heart of the RPC system but we provide a simple UDP and TCP server.

Posted by Sebastien Vincent 2008-09-23