"Non-strict" parsing mode (property names without quotes)

Dmitry T.
  • Dmitry T.

    Dmitry T. - 2013-05-21

    It would be good to accept "invalid" input like:

      field1: "Value",
      field2: 2

    The main rationale is using JSON for configuration files that have to be edited by humans. Obviously the feature would save some time.

    This is not actually something new. E.g.
    http://zserge.bitbucket.org/jsmn.html (in the end)

  • Christopher Dunn

    You want YAML, not JSON. A YAML parser can parse JSON, so the migration is simple.

    A feature of our jsoncpp library is that we support meta-data comments, but we do not want to diverge too far from standard JSON.


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