Alan Shiers - 2013-05-13

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a JSON string using a 2D String array. Each String must have the format: "field_name":"field_value"

I want the output to be like:

I've tried the following, which unfortunately doesn't output the strings properly:
String[][] array = new String[][];
array[0][0] = "\"LASTNAME\":\"MacDonald\"";
array[0][1] = "\"FIRSTNAME\":\"Terry\"";
array[0][2] = "\"EMAIL_ADDRESS\":\"\"";
JSONObject jsonArray = JSONArray.fromObject(array);
System.out.println( jsonObject );

This results in:
["\"LASTNAME\":\"MacDonald\"", "\"FIRSTNAME\":\"Terry\"", "\"EMAIL_ADDRESS\":\"\""],

Escaping the quote symbol obviously isn't the answer here. What do I need to do to get the format I'm looking for? Please advise.