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New Version released: 3.8

A network SID client has been added and bugfixes have been made

Posted by Ken Händel 2017-02-03

New Version released: 3.7

This is a bugfix release

Posted by Ken Händel 2016-08-03

New Version released: 3.6

This is a bugfix and performance release.

Posted by Ken Händel 2015-05-31

New Version released: 3.5

New features are:
- PSIDv4 support (3-SID music entries)
- Choose between ReSID 1.0 beta and Resid-fp Distorion simulation for each SID
- Change all emulation parameters on-the-fly while playing

- Android client beta version added to the web-site

Posted by Ken Händel 2015-03-05

New Version released: 3.4

I did some Linus fixes, tested on Debian Wheezy.
kmix volume control integrated.
Change Filter Settings for Mono and Stereo SID separately.
Toolbar button: switch to next favorite.

Posted by Ken Händel 2014-12-11

Web Site has moved

Due to bandwidth problems at sourceforge i have moved the project Web Site to

Posted by Ken Händel 2012-10-03

Version 2.5 released

A new release is out!
A lot of new features have been added.
Have a look at the Readmes to find out:
README_1st.txt and README_2nd.txt

I hope you like it :-)

Posted by Ken Händel 2012-03-21

Version 2.0 released

A new release is out introducing a graphical user interface.
Just check out that decent emulator, that is very compatible.
As development is still being continued, expect more features and
better performance in the future.

We love C64!

Posted by Ken Händel 2010-09-24

Keep Up-To-Date With...

... Java WebStart!
Install and launch with the following link:
and you will always use the latest version.

Stay tuned...

Posted by Ken Händel 2008-09-04

Test jsidplay2 in a browser

1. Install latest java version
2. enable java in your browser
3. klick this url and have fun

Posted by Ken Händel 2008-02-14

Beta version for download

I will frequently update the current beta of
the upcoming version. Feel free to download the preview.
But, i am not responsible for any damage that
may occur if you use this version.
Any content here can change within days.
Download here and have fun with the GUI:

Posted by Ken Händel 2008-01-14

Java SID Player Music Library V2 1.4 released

Java Sidplay2 gets better and better.
Many bugs are fixed and almost all missing features of the original were added.
New emulation efforts (distortion simulation) was added.
Now this is the second emulator supporting this

Merry Christmas,

Posted by Ken Händel 2007-12-22

Java SID Player Music Library V2 1.2 released

Now the console player is almost complete.
This release is a feature release as well as a bugfix release.
Please refer to the release notes and change notes.

Posted by Ken Händel 2007-12-07

Java SID Player Music Library V2 1.0 released

This is a music player libary for SID sound files of the "good old" Commodore 64 in Java.
This is done by emulation.
Now you can play them command line based or
use it as part of a plugin of any java music player.

Posted by Ken Händel 2007-11-26

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