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jsh update...

After being left alone for far too long, jsh is being brought back to life and will be updated to work with the newest JDK releases. The code is being reviewed, the build process updated and there will be a new release once this has been completed.

Posted by Mark E. Davidson 2007-07-22

New jsh maintainer

My name is Mark Davidson and I'm the new maintainer/admin for the jsh project. I'm looking forward to digging into the code and moving forward!

Posted by Mark E. Davidson 2003-10-02

New lead wanted !

The former project leader is now involved in a new opensource project ( jdistro at http://www.jdistro.com\) and have no spare time for Jsh.

If someone wants to take the lead on this project, please send us a mail.


Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2003-04-04

1.0rc3 released !

This new release 1.0rc3 is a bug fix release
- Many bug fixes
- Enhanced Win32 support enhanced
- Basic jdk1.4 support

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2002-04-09

Jsh 1.0rc2 is out !

Jsh is a java application launcher shell.
It runs all applications in the same jvm and support scripting, jnlp (java webstart) applications.
This release add support for netbeans.

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2001-09-18

Jsh 1.0 rc1 is out

Jsh is a java application launcher shell.
It runs all applications in the same jvm and support scripting.
This release contains many bug fixes, and add support for java webstart application !

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2001-07-24

jsh beta 2 released

A new beta of jsh has been released today.
It includes many bugfixes, more application support (jbuilder works !), advanced debug options and scripts can now have arguments.

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2001-04-09

Java Shell : First beta released

A fully functional beta release of jsh, the java shell, has been finally out !
Now run your java applications in the same JVM ! This release better supports ill-beahved applications that don't closes windows on exits. It recovers well memory after applications are closed.

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2001-01-20

doc added

A user's guide (in forms of faq) has been added.
It explains how to use jsh.

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2000-10-06

release v0.99 is out !

jsh is a java shell. It can run all java applications in the same jvm ! It supports batch files.
This new release adds :

Support for set classpath = ...
Each application running in jsh can now have it's own classpath

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2000-09-24

jsh release 0.9

The first, but fully working (jsh supports multi-applications in the same jvm, shell scripts, and many more...), release of jsh (the java shell) has been released. Check http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/jsh to download !

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2000-09-13

project creation

The jsh project has started ! jsh is a 100% pure java shell. It can start applications in the same jvm, execute a batch scripts, etc...
The project is currently in beta stage, there are lots of open usefull tasks (GUI, java system programming, ...), so don't delay, go for it !

Posted by Gérard COLLIN 2000-09-12

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