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Project maintenance succession wanted

Active development is currently abandoned on JS/CC, because there are too many other projects and too less time to work further on it. If there is anyone out there interested in a project maintenance succession, please contact me.

Posted by beachcoder 2012-04-28

Licensing terms moved to BSD license

The license terms for JS/CC changed from the Artistic License to 3-clause BSD-license, in hope to become more intersting to other developers and users wanting to extend JS/CC.

Posted by beachcoder 2012-04-28

Changed version control from svn to hg

We changed version control for JS/CC from Subversion to the Mercurial SCM now. All history of the project has been converted and exists in the new Mercurial repository.

Posted by beachcoder 2011-09-18

Between the holidays...

Happy holidays to all, there is a new version 0.32 update in the svn repository. Check out the new parser drivers build-in features, including integrated line- and column reporting! This is only for testing, yet, but will continue.

We hope you've had nice Christmas and we wish you a happy new year 2009!

Posted by beachcoder 2008-12-29

JS/CC v0.31 development snapshot on svn

There is a new development snapshot online that comes with some nice improvements.

[+] Extended control on lexical analysis; Using the
regular expression matching rules, the lexer's
behavior can now be modified at recognition time,
by simply using a "continue" to continune lexical
analysis on the next tokens, or optionally a
"break", to stop the lexer and return the currently
matched token.
The whitespace-symbol is now declared deprecated
with this new possibility.
[+] Improved error reporting in JS/CC, now with
line numbers and filename
[+] New error resynchronization token, which is simply
the tilde-symbol '~'; It can be used to defined
error resynchronization rules that are entered
when parse errors occur, to continue the parse at
a lower level within the grammar
[+] Rewritten error recovery in all parser drivers,
using an error token instead of panic-mode
error recovery

Posted by beachcoder 2008-12-16

JS/CC v0.30 release

The new version 0.30 of the JavaScript parser generator JS/CC is now officially released.


Posted by beachcoder 2008-11-24

JS/CC v0.30 in Subversion repository, public release soon!

Hello there,

The new v0.30 of JS/CC has been uploaded to the Subversion repository. It comes with these new improvements [copy from CHANGES]:

JS/CC v0.30 (build Nov 20, 2008)
[-] Bugfix with whitespaces symbol
[-] Bugfix with nonassociative symbols, it works now!
[+] Source directory cleaned up... read more

Posted by beachcoder 2008-11-20

JS/CC 0.26 now even on SourceForge

Hi folks,

JS/CC release 0.26 is now even available on SourceForge, sorry, I'd forgotten to upload the new packages even here. You always get the most current versions from the official project website.

So long,
Jan Max

Posted by beachcoder 2008-02-19

JS/CC 0.26 with Mozilla Rhino support and improvements

Hi folks!

The JS/CC repository has been fixed-up now and we released version 0.26 to the SourceForge SubVersion repository. A distribution package of v0.26 as well as the online version will be released and made available soon as zipped and installable version on the official website.


Posted by beachcoder 2008-01-22

Pending release of v0.25.1 because of repository problems

Hello folks,

The new version 0.25.1 of JS/CC is currently pending because of problems with the JS/CC Subversion repository hostet at SourceForge. SourceForge has been informed a month ago, but nothing happened yet on a damaged file in the repository. If there are no changes in the next days, we plan to move to another Open Source project hoster, or remove the Subversion possibility permanently.

Best regards

Posted by beachcoder 2007-12-18

New Version 0.25 upcoming

Hi folks!

There is a new version of JS/CC upcoming. The bugfix with the EOF-symbol is already in the Subversion-Repository, and there is one developer who ported JS/CC to be executed on Rhino JavaScript interpreter. This update will be included in v0.25 or a later version.

See ya!

Posted by beachcoder 2007-11-16