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Jsc June Refresh

Some updates to the compiler and the framework.

Most important update was fixing the virtual + override semantics for jsc:actionscript. It’ did not allow to combine multiple events for example.


Posted by zproxy 2008-06-06

jsc 2008

Final build for this year has been released. The example javascript application has been also made available to download. It has been precompiled to javascript to speed up learning.

Posted by zproxy 2007-12-31

ASP:NET Compile C# As Javascript for web browsers

ASP.NET developers can now write their client side code in C# or Visual Basic. This also applies to technologies like Silverlight

See more:

Posted by zproxy 2007-04-29

jsc:javscript now supports c# anonymous types

jsc:javscript now supports c# anonymous types, which means you can now declare anonymous types and use them:)

The following is now able to be translated:

from i in items.Select(i => i.Trim())
where i.ToLower().IndexOf(user_filter) > -1
let xlength = i.Length
select new { i, xlength }

Posted by zproxy 2007-04-24