#24 crash detection params

David Culp

I'd like to see something like this in the config file:


This is where the user could specify conditions that can
trigger a crash. If the condition is exceeded, then a
crash message will be sent to the console, and a
"crashed" property will be set to true.

Crash handling, i.e. what to do with the simulation once a
crash is detected, should be left to the controlling


  • Jon S. Berndt

    Jon S. Berndt - 2005-06-18

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    I'm wondering if this is really in scope for an FDM. Or, might it
    be a subsystem for FlightGear, for instance, that takes FDM
    paramaters and determines crash characteristics?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    actually, this sounds like a pretty good idea, however it
    would probably make sense to allow specification of multiple
    different crash "profiles" or rather "crash configurations",
    i.e. conditions that are known to be problematic/unflyable.

    On the other hand, using/extending the current nasal based
    limits.nas file ($FG_ROOT/Aircraft/Generic/limits.nas) might
    really be a better and more generic approach, instead of
    harcoding support for something like this into an FDM engine.

  • David Culp

    David Culp - 2008-01-23

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    Originator: YES

    This can now be handled using JSBSim systems.


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