#9 implement constructor and methods with namespaces


implement constructor with namespaces and initialize the namespaces when creating object


  • Andreas Dräger

    Andreas Dräger - 2011-01-19

    Nico, can you please be a little bit more precise what is meant here? From my perspective, in most cases name spaces can be derived automatically and I don't understand why the user should change the name spaces at all? Where do we need it and why?

  • Nicolas Rodriguez

    see http://sbml.org/Software/libSBML/docs/java-api/org/sbml/libsbml/Species.html#Species\(org.sbml.libsbml.SBMLNamespaces)

    It is an other libsbml compatibility request. You can guest the level and version from the namespace and vice-versa, yes.
    When we will be dealing with SBML level 3 packages, it could be useful, so that you can specify the sbml namespace plus all the other namespaces packages used in one go.


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