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JEmbed works!

JEmbed is coming along beautifully.

For more information, please check out the blog at

Posted by Steve Menard 2007-09-23

New version, and change or name

It's been way too long in coming, but JPype is not dead!

It is, however changing name to JEmbed. More info on this as it matures.

I will try and bundle together a minor release of JPype 0.5 in the coming weeks.

Posted by Steve Menard 2007-08-12

Success/Horror stories

I've added a blog entry on JPype's blog where people can leave their experiences with Jpype. If you've succesfully used JPype in one of your projects, or were completely unable to, please visit and leave your comments!

Posted by Steve Menard 2006-09-28


I;ve created a blog for JPype at

There I will try to document the history and the continuing improvement to JPype.

Posted by Steve Menard 2006-09-20

Correction : Work started on next version

Just wanted to clarify : libgcj support will be in ADDITION to JNI support, not replace it.

Posted by Steve Menard 2005-11-18

Work started on next version

I've started work on version 0.6. However, unlike previously announced, subclassing will not be the focus of the release.

Rather, I am redesigning (again) the java postability layer to contain less C++. In so doing, I am hoping to achieve :
- More stability
- Support for Ruby
- Support for libGCJ instead of JNI.
- A foundation better suited to future extensions.

Efforts will be made to maintain backward compatibility. However, in the interest of moving forward and improving things, some features may change or be dropped.

Posted by Steve Menard 2005-11-17

Slowdown in work

Recent increases in work/domestic demands mean I haven't had as much time as I'd like to work on JPype ... rest assured the project is not dead ... merely delayed.

Posted by Steve Menard 2005-05-24

0.5 Beta 1

After quite a pause, 0.5 is now ready for testing.

0.5 is another major step forward. It fixes quite a few bugs, and introduces many new features.

The only problem at this moment is lack of documentation. I will be focusing on a new set of documenttion on the next few weeks, hopefully even drafting a person I know who writes tech documents for a living to at least review my drafts, perhaps more. IN the meantime, 0.5 is 100% backward compatibvle with 0.4, so the 0.4 doscs, as they are, are still usable.

Posted by Steve Menard 2005-02-15

MacOSX support

I am very happy to say that JPype now compiles and run under MacOSX!

Thanks to Dan Sandler for sending me the required code changes. According to him it passes the 'hello world' test.

Since the change didnt require any c-level changes, I can be failry confident future releases will not break it, although I am not in a position to verify each releases.

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-12-23

Patch release 0.4.3

0.4.3 has just been released :)

grab it while it's hot !!!

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-12-23

Win32 build for Python 2.4

Starting with version 0.4.2, I will provide Binary installer for both Python 2.3 and python 2.4.

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-12-03

New sets of files for Releases

Starting with 0.4.1, I will not be bale to provide linux binaries for i386. My personal system recently got upgraded to AMD64 and I have no access at the moment to a suitable system to build the binary packages.

Futher, "straight" binary packages (non-installer and non-rpm) will no longer be distributed. Distutil would hard-coded my python installation;s directory, which was bad for most people. The Python team advises it is better to use the installer or RPM packages.... read more

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-11-20

JPype now has a mailing list!

At user request, I have create a Users mailing list for JPype.

Simply go to to subscribe.

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-10-14

Known problem with interactive prompt

JPype seems to have problem when used interactively. After calling startJVM, python will report SyntaxErrors for everything that comaes afterward. Fortunately, this seems to affect only interacttive prompt as regular script execution without without problem.

Posted by Steve Menard 2004-06-21