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Version 0.8 : Vocabulary game

Finally, I managed to get the vocabulary game working. As usual, it might be buggy (screen freezing), but it's not that bad ;-)

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2008-05-14

Version 0.7 : Handwriting recognitio,

In this version, you can now practice your drawing.
I've populated the database with kanas and kanjis, but you can add your own drawings or even replace mine.

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2008-03-23

Version 0.6 : English support

The main changes for this version are :
* English support has been added
* python files added for other languages support
* compiling with 'up to date' libs (devkitarm r21, palib and ulib)

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2008-03-10

Version 0.5a : 3 fixes

* Sound is now working on R4 and M3
* Hard mode is working
* Renamed Japanese_Training.txt to README.txt

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2008-01-14

Major FIX for R4 and M3

An early release of the version 0.5 is out, due to an annoying bug encountered on many linkers : impossible to use the stylus.
This bug is now fixed, and for your pleasure you can now practice your japanese on version 0.5.
You can have a look on the Handwriting ideogram recognition system , though it's very buggy for now. Hopefully in the next version you'll be able to practice your drawing and even add your own drawings to the database file, using your DS.

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2008-01-09

Version 0.4 is out

Just before christmas, a new version of Japanese Training is out :
* Kanji game working
* Sounds added
* Options menu working
* Game statistics added
* Level up after making a perfect
* Profile management added
* Pad handling improved
* Joker function added
* List and CheckBox added
* ProgressBar added
* Pressing start DOES start the game ;-)
* Graphics improved
* Makefile improved
* ROM Header modified with project content
* Using Eclipse IDE now
* sources reorganized
* resources reorganized... read more

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2007-12-17

Version 0.3 is out

Thanks to olimin and altarfinch, graphics have improved a bit!

Now, you can actually learn and play with Hiragana and Katakana !!!
Here is a list of the features implemented in this version :
* Ideograms graphics improved by altarfinch
* Hiragana game working
* Katakana game working
* Profile creation added
* Difficulty level added
* Speed level added
* Options menu (not working yet) added
* Vocabulary tab enhanced... read more

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2007-11-16

Version 0.2 is out

Thanks to olimin, I improved the graphics of this version ! And it sure looks better :-)

A few features have been implemented:
* Stylus and Keyboard handling
* Small animations added
* Improved japanese characters display
* Vocabulary tab almost playable ;-)

Next, I planned to work on :
* Sound handling
* Kanji drawing (and recognition?)
* One playable game !!!

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2007-10-18

Creation of the project

The jptraining project is born and is hosted by sourceforge.
The sources of the very first version have been added with TortoiseSVN.
A first playable version is also available.

Posted by Denis GEORGE 2007-09-20