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New JPodCast Player v0.5.0 for Windows released!

Hope to be able to make a Linux release today!

- SWT version
- New Sync icon

Bugs Fixed:
- Subscription via Menu.
- Subscription code
- RSS 0.9.1 support for RSS feed
- Download code changed
- Faster podcast list
- Keeps playing if you change from Podcast UI to RssFeed UI and vice-versa
- Image download fix
- Other fixes I can't remeber =)

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2007-01-10

New JPodCast Player v0.4.3 for Linux released!

New version for Linux released!

- ITunes support API library upgraded to version 0.4.
- Code upgrade.

Bugs Fixed:
- When there is no image do not download it.

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-12-17

New JPodCast Player v0.4.2 released!

Little bugs fixed
Add remove podcasts feature

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-06-27

New JPodCast Player v0.4.1 (alpha) released!

- Update Podcast keep the downloaded podcasts
- Player display
- Player time counter
- File time display

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-06-08

New JPodCastPlayer v0.3.3 (alpha) released!

Litte bug fixes
- Player fix
- Stop button works!

Haven't had much time to work on it :P

Promisse a Linux version soon!

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-06-05

New JPodCastPlayer v0.3.2 (alpha) released!

- Small Fixes
- Update and remove feeds support added
- ITunes feed support fixes

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-05-18

New JPodCastPlayer v0.3 (alpha) released!

- Update feeds support
- Properties change support
- Few bugs fixed

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-05-17

New JPodCastPlayer v0.2 (alpha) Released!

The new JPodCastPlayer v0.2 (alpha) has just been released!! Now we have RSS2.0 Feed Reader.

Posted by Juliano Vidal 2006-05-16