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jPodder and rssowl

In a attempt to leverage on two great applications. We have decided to close the jPodder project and migrate and enhance the jPodder functions on RSSOwl 2.0. The migration as already started and will initially be available as an RSS Owl plugin.
See for more information.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-05-23

jPodder 1.1 Linux released

jPodder 1.1 is the SWT version of jPodder. This release is a fully functional Linux distribution (Build and tested on Kubuntu).
run: java -jar jPodder-1.1-Linux.jar to install it.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-01-03

jPodder version 1.1 Released (candidate)

jPodder podcasting software is introducing jPodder 1.1. Enjoy a complete rework of the UI (SWT based). jPodder is now smaller, faster and and packed with features. Some new features are: Feed reading view, OPML in/export and a Thumb drive player plugin.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-27

jPodder 1.0 RC

jPodder is a multi-OS podcast Aggregator, It's Easy for beginners but packed with cool features for advanced users. Enjoy new features like .rss MIME type association with OS (One-Click), OPML Synchronisation, Multi Language support and more........

Posted by Anonymous 2005-10-19

jPodder 0.9 released

The jPodder team is proud to announce the final release of jPodder 0.9 with many new or advanced features.
For exmaple the ID3 tag rewriting of the MP3 files which you may see as columns in iTunes allowing the user to change the ID3 tags set in the podcasts MP3 file so that the user can customize it to their needs. For example the SMART_TITLE allows you to add the date of the podcast to be added in front of the title and so being able to sort by date so that one can easily find the oldest or newest podcasts.
In addition you can create your own podcast and upload them to an FTP server to publish them.... read more

Posted by Andreas Schaefer 2005-06-09

jpodder 0.8 released

When it comes to podcasting, jpodder is heading the herd. 0.8 again enhances the experience with support for deletion of podcasts, download resumes, overview status bar and an improved interface. jPodder is 100% pure java, using leading open source libraries from Azureus, Jawin, Apache, Izpack and more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-02-01