Nicholas Piper - 2008-01-24

I'd like to only show cells and chart points for the lowest-Dimension in Hierarchy:

I have this Time Dimension in my mondrian schema:

    <Dimension name="Time">
      <Hierarchy hasAll="false">
    <Level name="Year"  column="year"  type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="true"/>
    <Level name="Month" column="month" type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="false"/>
    <Level name="Day"   column="day"   type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="false"/>

and I'd like to be able to use JPivot to click down from 2007, to 2007.10, and then show all the measures for the days in that month. If I do this, there is still a column for 2007, and one for 2007.10, next to 2007.10.1, 2007.10.2, ...

This means that the chart has two extra data points - with huge values in.

I know I could change the MDX query to show only the days, but then the chart doesn't have the buttons to click to change which month we want to view.

Here is a sample MDX query, via clicking the blue -+ symbols on the Time columns. (I don't understand what the blue vs. red ones do: I don't find any help about this?)

select Hierarchize(Union(Union({[Time].[2007]}, [Time].[2007].Children), [Time].[2007].[4].Children)) ON COLUMNS,
  Crossjoin({[Measures].[Total Charge]}, {[Location type].[All Location types].[1], [Location type].[All Location types].[2], [Location type].[All Location types].[3], [Location type].[All Location types].[4], [Location type].[All Location types].[5], [Location type].[All Location types].[6], [Location type].[All Location types].[7], [Location type].[All Location types].[8], [Location type].[All Location types].[9], [Location type].[All Location types].[10]}) ON ROWS
from [Daily traffic]

I'd like to be able to make this query with the open/close blue buttons, but NOT to show results for the month and year dimensions.

Is this possible? Maybe I misunderstand how to work something?

Much thanks,