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JPdfUnit Release 1.2

JPdfUnit 1.2 is released and contains the following changes:

+ Updated PDFBox to the Apache Version
-> JPdfUnit can be used with PDFBox 1.0<=version<2.0
-> Starting at version 1.3, PDFBox has a Bug that can cause a big amount of errors in the log:
-> To test encrypted pdfs, you now have to include optional dependencies of PDFBox:
= The complete build is now maven based
* Due to the PDFBox Update, the asserts "assertIsOwnerPasswd" and "assertIsUserPasswd" aren't supported anymore
Use tester.getDocument().decryptDocument("my-password"); instead and check for thrown exceptions

Posted by Anonymous 2011-12-09

JPdfUnit 1.1

JPdfUnit 1.1 is released and contains the following changes:
+ JPdfUnit is now ready for maven
Added a maven POM file
changed the project layout to the maven standard
a maven repo containing JPdfUnit and a compatible version of PdfBox can be found at:
+ updated ant to 1.7.1
+ removed unused log4j

Posted by Anonymous 2009-12-15

Release 1.0

Changes in version 1.0:
= updated development environment to actual versions Eclipse 3.4 Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.4.2
+ removed compatibility version for Java 1.4 and JUnit 3.8.1 use version 0.94 for Java 1.4 compatibility

Posted by Anonymous 2008-09-25

Version 0.94

Hello all,

actually we made a new release of jpdfunit 0.94. As the last release this also works with java 1.4 and java 5.
here our changes:
+ create directories ${dist.dir} and ${etc.dir}/Homepage in the prepare of build.xml
* Change 'testet' to 'tested' in error messages of DocumentTester and PdfBoxAnalyser
* Change initalisation to initialization in
+ Add the following methods in ContentAssertion (interface), DocumentTester and DocumentTestCase:
+ Add getListOfPagesForContent to the Content Interface
+ Add 6 tests for this methods in PdfTesterContentTest
* Change implementation of getPagesForContent in PdfBoxAnalyser class... read more

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2007-12-20

Release Version 0.93 JDK1.4

The release for JDK 1.4 is know available it is located under the version 0.93 the dependency of JUnit 4.1 is changed to Junit 3.8.2. Looking forward to hear your feedback!


Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2006-11-30

Release 0.93 and JDK 1.4 support

JPdfUnit now depends on JUnit 4. For backward compatiblitity we will add a new release tomorrow evening to support Java 1.4. There will be 2 new archives: one for the bin, the other for the src branch named like and

best regards,


Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2006-11-29

Release Version 0.93

JPdfUnit now supporting bookmarks!

Version 0.93:

+ much more output to the assert methods.
+ bookmark tests integration
+ new assert methods for bookmarks
= dependency junit 3.8.1 removed
= dependency junit 4.1 added

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2006-11-25


the sf user trentandrews has send a first implementation of testing and finding bookmarks in a pdf file, we are going to test it and let you know about this new feature we want to integrate in jpdfunit, thanks to trent.

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2006-09-30

JPdfUnit - Eclipse Plugin first version

Today Christoph Loewer has developed our first version of the jpdfunit eclipse plugin, thanks a lot

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2005-09-26

Release 0.92

a missing property data now correct integrated to the jar
and we lost the dependency to log4j because of pdfbox 0.72. The regex textsearchtype works now with the find() method of the Matcher class for more flexibility.
partial changes are done to the pdf access i.e. exchanging deprecated methods to the actual commendation. Even more details added to the output of the assert methods.

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2005-09-20

First feature first release update

The first features have been added to jpdfunit. Here is the first release update.

Version 0.91: 08/18/2005

+ implementation of additional test
+ new font asserts
+ access font informations
+ name a font
+ type of a font

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2005-08-18

first presentation

a short presentation has been uploaded to the references area of the homepage.

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2005-08-15

JPdfUnit - Inital release

JPdfUnit integrates PDFBox as an PDF API with the JUnit framwork for the
test of pdf documents so JPdfUnit is a high level api. Simple ready-to-use
assertions help to compare the expected data to the concrete data of the pdf

Posted by Benjamin B. Bratkus 2005-07-21