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jp2a has moved to GitHub

I have moved jp2a to
I urge all package managers to update to this location.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2015-11-27

jp2a-1.0.3 with grayscale conversion

The most prominent new feature is that you can convert output images to grayscale.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-09-01

jp2a-1.0.0 stable release

This is the first non-beta stable release of jp2a. Minor changes.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-08-16

jp2a-0.9.21 with color support

Color support for text (ANSI colors) and HTML (CSS colors) were added to this latest release.

It also contains some bugfixes, e.g. when using fit-to-terminal and viewing multiple files.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-27

jp2a-0.9.19 with much better quality and auto fit to window

This release now reads all the source pixels, which gives *much* better output quality.

Also, you can automatically scale the output image to your terminal display size.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-19

jp2a-0.9.18 contains bugfixes, faster code and new features

- Bugfix: No more crashes when reading non-JPEG files on Windows.
- New option: --output=file, send output to given file
- New options: -x for shorthand --flipx, and -y for --flipy.
- New options: --red, --green, --blue.
- More natural RGB to Grayscale calculation.
- Updated manuals.
- Cleaner code.
- Faster code (most evident in large images).

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-18

jp2a-0.9.17 with win32 download support

You can now download images to convert with the win32 binary distribution.

Also added a new (experimental) option to --clear the screen between each refresh.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-14

jp2a-0.9.14 released -- includes win32 binary version

Version 0.9.14 with some minor fixes is now released.

This release includes a win32 binary version,
but note that the Windows-version does not yet
supprt downloading.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-12

jp2a-0.9.11 can now download images from the net

jp2a can now automatically download and convert an image that you specify by giving an URL. For this to work you need libcurl.

If you don't have libcurl installed, then jp2a will stil work as before.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-10

jp2a-0.9.9 with new features

New features in 0.9.9 include options --flipx, --flipy for flipping output image, as well as --html and --html-fontsize for HTML output.

jp2a is also a little bit faster for big output dimensions.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-07-06

jp2a-0.9.7 fixes some major bugs, be sure to update!

A lot of important bugfixes for this release, be sure to update!

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-06-27

jp2a-0.9.3 with much better output quality

The newest version has many bugfixes that greatly increases output quality.

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-06-25

jp2a-0.9.0 released

The first public release of jp2a is now ready for download!

Posted by Christian Stigen Larsen 2006-06-24

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