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  • Xharze

    Xharze - 2008-10-30

    As I've discussed earlier with hofi, we have a big problem with spam on these forums, and we don't have any kind of spam filter available to overcome this problem. Cleaning up the forums takes a lot of time each week.
    To overcome this problem I've created a phpBB forum, which can be accessed under "Hosted Apps" -> "phpBB" in the SourceForge menu bar. At the moment there arn't that many forums, only the most important ones. You can login with you SourceForge ID and password.
    All the help forums allow anonymous posting as users should not have to create a SourceForge account. All developers should let me know after they've logged in the first time, as I have to add them to the developers group, so you can access the developer specific forums.
    All the SourceForge forums therefore not be maintained anymore after the 1st of december 2008.


    • ferra4models

      ferra4models - 2008-11-01


      I have no problem with fighting spam, but this may be a bit drastic.

      Come 1st December, I suppose these forums will be frozen? So we can still search the history, but nobody can post anything new, not even the good guys? Otherwise, a lot of confusion can develop, no matter how big the sign is that says there is a new forum.....


    • Xharze

      Xharze - 2008-11-02

      That was the idea. But if you have a better idea I would be happy to find another solution

    • UeliHofstetter

      UeliHofstetter - 2008-11-03


      well having cleaned up the forums for 2,3 weeks i have to say: the spam it is quite a pida, especially because there's not much serious activity. a compromise would be to disable anonymous post... most of the users have a sourceforge account and creating a new one is not really that much work (so it shouldn't scare anybody with a serious interest).

      kind regards


    • ferra4models

      ferra4models - 2008-11-03

      I see the spammers were busy again during the weekend.....

      Maybe this disable anonymous posting is better? Sort of the same idea, but we don't start exactly from scratch. Anyhow, since I didn't do it, I'm also happy to comply with what you prefer.


    • Xharze

      Xharze - 2008-11-03

      I can enable you as a forum moderator, which will give you ability to clean up the forums. And then let us discuss the problem again in about 2-3 weeks.


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