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  • UeliHofstetter

    UeliHofstetter - 2008-08-26

    hi all,

    i'm new as a dev. on this project. that's why a have some silly newbie questions for you ;-)

    - browsing through the code i received an impression that there's some cleanup to be done (eg. the multithread related code, which is no longer in use). now what's the guideline for such changes: just do it? write a TODO task (eclipse) and wait for comments?....

    - i was told that there's a plan for the features for the next major?/minor? release on the way. what about adding it to cvs (or google-docs) so that we can work on it altogether? editing on the forum is quite inconvenient...

    - when do you plan to branch the current cvs-head to a 2.0 branch? or do you have another cvs policy? is there a experimental branch?

    writing down these questions i've forgotten the other ones %*} ... i will post them later ;-)



    • Xharze

      Xharze - 2008-08-31

      About the cleanup, an Eclipse tasks would be fine with me, and I think most if not all developers use Eclipse, so TODO tasks there would be fine. The guideline would be to just do it, if you are sure it isn't used anymore, else write a TODO task and see if any comments arrive.
      I've started a thread in the forum to collect ideas and features for the roadmap, which will be available on CVS when the roadmap is completed. It will also be available on Wiki when the Wiki has been made.
      The plan is to make a branch version when we are ready to release version 2.0, the reason for this is that changes have already been made in the current CVS head. When 2.0 have been released a more correct CVS policy will be used, where use branches and tags. At the moment there isn't any experimental branch, but one will be made if it is deemed necessary.

    • ferra4models

      ferra4models - 2008-09-04

      Hi there,

      I use netbeans...... Anyhow, to make up for that, I have a pristine 2.0.2 somewhere and will upload it at some stage. Also have the ekf and rtrl which still lacks a manual. I *think* most changes between 2.0.2 and the current version on CVS were my doing in order to get recurrency to work in joone. I've made many changes in this regard, and maybe we should reset back to 2.0.2 and then the ekf and rtrl can branch off on its own?


    • mkls

      mkls - 2008-10-26

      Is there some specific reason why this project almost doesn't use sourceforge tracker for things like tasks, bugs, requests etc ?
      I think it is possible to connect i.e. Mylyn (which I believe is available for every major java IDE) to SF tracker and therefore have all tasks/requests/bugs available at one's hand directly in IDE.

    • mkls

      mkls - 2008-10-26

      I didn't look properly earlier. It does. :-)


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