CVS repository - what is in there ?

  • mkls

    mkls - 2008-10-26

    could anyone explain the structure of the CVS repository ?
    There is several projects/dirs but it is not obvious what is
    each dirs purpose. i.e. what is difference between joone, Joone and .. pristine etc.


    • UeliHofstetter

      UeliHofstetter - 2008-10-26


      i started to document the stuff in the new joone guide(see below):

      - joone_oat: the oat source code used in joone. the binaries are included in the joone project.
      - forrest: What is the intend of forrest?
      - html: contains the content for joones webpage. This version is identical with the one
      currently online, the new version should be commited back.
      - joone: the main project. Contains the source code for the engine and the editor as
      well as the required third-party libraries and this documentation.
      - Joone: seems to be an empty folder. can it be deleted ?
      - jooneExamples: should probably contain some examples. Actually there's basically
      nothing. Either we transfer all samples in this project or we should delete it.
      - jooneFarm: all lot of code ;-). Seems to have something to do with dte/terracota.
      Please document it.
      - joonePad: seems to be the new editor for joone. Does anyone know something about
      its further developmnet? If see, please document it.
      - jooneTests: contains some automatically generated unit-tests, without any testcases.
      There is also a unresolved project reference to a JINI project. Is the JINI development
      still going on?
      - tools: some kind of network analysis tool. To be documented.

      the pristine should have been a branch (probably). main development is in the joone project.

      kind regards



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